World Heat Cylinders ( is a company that specialises in the production and provision of heating products such as thermal store units and hot water cylinders. With their vast experience in the field and decades of knowledge on such products, this company has earned the trust of many people. But apart from that, there are other reasons why they are among the top UK providers of heating products.

World Heat Cylinders takes pride in their capability to deliver superior products and services to both domestic and commercial clients. For householders, they have a huge range of domestic cylinders available, from vented to unvented ones. They can also provide special or bespoke products to those looking for cylinders with unusual tappings or certain dimensions. Furthermore, the company is proud of its EcoTherm thermal store unit. This is great for those who need an efficient device for storing heat from multiple sources and providing water heating whenever needed. According to them, “Our Ecotherm thermal store hot water cylinders are constructed from either mild steel, copper or stainless steel dependant on our customers’ preferences. The options of multiple coils for numerous thermal inputs are available as are plate heat exchangers for domestic hot water generation”.

For industrial clients, World Heat Cylinders can provide top-quality hot water storage calorifiers. These are available in capacities of up to 10,000 litres, designed with an inspection opening and U-tube heat exchangers. Among their other products for commercial purposes are buffer vessels, plate heat exchangers, and air heater batteries.

For those thinking to get products from this company, it is also worth taking note of their accreditations. Their products are approved by the testing laboratory at Kiwa, an energy consultancy firm. This means all of them have been properly tested and are safe to use. World Heat Cylinders also have the MCS Approved Installer certification, giving the customers peace of mind knowing that the product design and installation are completed to the highest standards.

The team at World Heat Cylinders is proud of having the right skills and expertise in fabrication, welding, and sheet metal work, allowing them to produce first-class products made according to customers’ exact specifications. For more details about this company, check out their official website at

About World Heat Cylinders   

World Heat Cylinders is an expert when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and installing hot water storage systems made for various purposes. From producing unvented hot water cylinders, thermal stores, buffer vessels to storage calorifiers, their team has it all. To make sure that each client always receives high-quality products, they take time to understand their specific requirements and provide expert technical assistance throughout. For any queries that you may have, you can call them at 0161 343 8610, send an email to, or fill out their contact form at