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New Daydream Films and Ruby Rock Films to produce a cinematic feast set against the competitive barbecue culture of Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas – Nov. 28, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Running from her country-girl past in New York City, popular food blogger, Star Saldana, is on the verge of landing her dream job in television when she learns her “other mother,” Aunt Pim, is dying of cancer back home in Austin, Texas. After flying home to spend time with Pim, Star’s dream job is given to someone else, forcing her to confront the “country-girl skin” she has been trying so hard to shed, especially when she must enter the annual “Pitt Bull” barbecue competition in order to win enough money to save Pim’s beloved restaurant from being repossessed. Trouble is, Star doesn’t know the first thing about cooking barbecue, thus setting the stage for a film about how the hard knocks of life are sometimes blessings in disguise.

“My faith has seen me through a lot,” says Pitt Bull creator and Ruby Rock Films producer, James Houston Turner (https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm7558095), who, with his wife, Wendy, has survived cancer and the loss of a child. “Where is God when life kicks you in the guts? That is what Pitt Bull is about. It’s about tough questions and tougher answers. It’s about confronting weaknesses and digging deep. It’s about having our limits pushed and deciding what’s important. It’s about getting tossed into the proverbial ‘deep end’ and learning to swim really fast.”

Known for his series of bestselling action novels, Turner says he is sometimes asked why he decided to write a romantic dramedy. “I write love stories, whether in an action setting or a funky BBQ setting. The core is the same. For Pitt Bull, I drew on the struggles my wife and I have faced, the lessons we’ve learned, and the fun we have each and every day in the kitchen. Our love story is centered in the kitchen, so why not Pitt Bull’s? Some of our richest moments occur when we’re cooking together, talking together, working together. In other words, our richness comes from our relationship, which to me is what faith in God is all about: relationship. But it has to be handled right in a film or it comes out corny or contrived.”

Award-winning producer, Richard Clark Jr (https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm1894078), whose company, New Daydream Films, will produce with Ruby Rock Films, agrees. “Faith-based elements need to flow naturally and develop realistically,” he says. “Which is why I fell in love with this project. It’s a great story with an authentic mix of faith, humor, and human drama set against a backdrop of music and food. Plus, how could I resist a project where there will be unlimited barbecue on hand?”

Updates, news, and additional information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/officialjameshoustonturner.

As for the current title, Turner does not miss a storytelling beat when he says, “The ‘Pitt Bull’ barbecue competition was named in honor of Colonel William Tyler Pitt, who, legend has it, settled a dispute in the 1876 Texas state legislature by hosting a barbecue on the capitol grounds. Since then, Pitt’s tradition for great barbecue lives on in this annual competition.”

Production is estimated to begin during the summer of 2018.

James Houston Turner

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