Stress-Free Selling: Marketing Expert Reveals The Secret to Eliminate the Need to Sell

RICHMOND, Va. – Sept. 9, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Patrick McFadden, strategic marketing consultant and owner of “Indispensable Marketing” will speak on September 12th, 2017 at Synapse Hub 009, a local networking chapter that facilitates connections between businesses and nonprofit groups for the community and economic development in Richmond, Virginia.

Don’t miss this no-frills presentation as Patrick reveals to business owners, salespeople, and marketing professionals how to virtually eliminate the need to sell ever again
During this presentation, Patrick will change the way you see marketing and selling, help you move away from traditional selling and instead towards educating. You’ll also learn how effective marketing can eliminate the need for selling. Patrick will introduce you to a tried-and-true approach that allows you to be the obvious choice for your prospects.

Patrick presentation is a part of Synapse’s Special Speaker program and will be held September 12th, Tuesday at 9 AM – 10:30 AM, the Disability Law Center of Virginia, 1512 Willow Lawn Dr, Ste 100, Richmond, Virginia 23230. Event registration is required in order to participate in this event–you can register now at

“There are certain special people who come into our lives bringing the ability to look at issues just a bit differently. They are able to come at issues with a 90-degrees different perspective. In the course of doing that, they challenge our assumptions and change our perspectives. Patrick McFadden is one of these special people. Give yourself a gift and spend 30-minutes exploring your world through Patrick’s creative mind. You will find your time well spent.,” said R Rushton Paul, J.D., SPHR, a local business owner.

Patrick is currently involved in a number of marketing projects with small to midsize organizations across the United States. His commentary and articles are known as one of the most educational and informative for small to midsize businesses in the world. Find more information about Patrick at

Indispensable Marketing

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