Vegepod ( pride themselves in providing award-winning self-contained raised garden beds. With their products, anyone can experience an effective and easy garden growing without too much hassle.

This company offers a great range of plastic raised garden bed kits that are perfect for those who prefer container gardening and looking for a simple and easy way to grow their vegetables. Most importantly, such products are packed with many great features. One of these is the self-watering feature that utilises a wicking system. This works by pouring water in the topsoil then filters it down to the base of the container. From there, the soil which fills the perforated basket in the basin’s centre acts as a ‘wick’ that sucks the water back to the root of the plants through capillary action. In short, this feature allows the nutrients of the soil to be recycled appropriately.

Aside from that, each raised garden bed kit offered by this company also has a protective cover. With this, the vegetables placed on it will be protected from any night-time predators or pests, allowing users to get rid of the use of wildlife deterrents or pesticides. At the same time, the installed protective cover is also permeable to rain and air, specifically designed to protect the plants from harsh weather, direct sunlight, and pests. For those who need a superior growing environment for their plants, the raised garden bed kits offered at Vegepod is a great option.

But the great things about Vegepod’s products do not stop there. Their raised garden bed kits can also keep the soil secure and prevent contamination, control nutrient levels, and stops trees pilfering nutrients. Plus, these portable products are easy to fill, set up, and maintain.

To all interested parties, their raised garden beds are available in small, medium and large sizes. Each product is made using an innovative pod design, which is deep and big enough to grow all types of plants or vegetables.

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About Vegepod

Vegepod offers a wide variety of raised garden bed kits, including wheeled stands and trolleys, as well as winter covers. Their garden kits are perfect for average individuals who want an easy yet effective way to grow their plants or vegetables at the comfort of their homes. If you are interested in availing of their products, there are several ways to get in touch with this company. To speak with their staff, you can call 01737 764940. As for your written questions and comments, you can send them an email via Alternatively, you can simply fill out the contact form on their website at