As time goes by, we rely more and more on technology to help us accomplish everyday tasks. Thanks to innovation and research, every aspect of life has significantly benefited and continues to benefit from the breakthroughs of technology.

Some common applications of technology in our daily lives include:

Communication: It is human nature to interact and communicate with each other. Through the internet and smart devices, people at different ends of the world can easily get in touch. It is no longer necessary to interact physically in order to convey a message. Just a press or touch of the button is enough for people to exchange ideas, get feedback and even see each other. Social networks such as Facebook , WhatsApp, Skype and Instagram also play a big role on daily human interaction and communication.

Transportation and Navigation: Every day we have people travel back and forth to achieve certain objectives. To facilitate this, the travel industry has undergone some major changes since the 1800s, in order to keep up with the different travel demands of individuals. Whether you want to go to work, visit another country or even go shopping, there is a suitable means for each activity. We have advanced transport means like electric trains and cars, airplanes and cruise ships. While some of these might have existed in the past, they have been improved to become more efficient, faster and user-friendly. Additionally, moving from one place to another is made easier through navigation apps like Google Maps. You can now easily get around a foreign location without need for a guide or a physical map.

House Chores: Most house chores today require little or no physical effort. The market in flooding with household equipment designed to take over specific chores such as dusting the floor, cleaning the dishes, opening and closing doors, doing laundry and drying clothes. Some of these equipment are automated while others may require you to manually operate them. Either way, they make certain chores easy, fast and even enjoyable to accomplish.

Doing Business: Even the way we do business has been impacted by technology. Most functions have been automated while others have been made easier. For instance, it is no longer necessary to visit a bank or ATM machine to access your money, you can use banking apps to withdraw, send and receive money. Another example is the rapid growth of online businesses. Many business owners are moving away from the traditional physical stores to virtual stores where they sell their goods and services.

Education: Our way of learning has also incorporated the use of technology through use of apps and innovative gadgets that allow for easier learning. Students can access learning materials online and classes can be carried out virtually.

Healthcare: The delivery of healthcare services has dramatically improved with improvements in technology. Complicated tests are now being carried out, advanced facilities allow for better research and complex illnesses can be cured. Additionally, tests and procedures that required a long time to be accomplished can now be done in a short time. This means improved healthcare and reduced risks. For instance, 3D printing is now being used in reconstruction surgery.

Richard M. White is author of this research article. He is a scientist and writer. He has his own blog, where he writes about the prediction stocks to make money. Richard is also a sportsman, he is a hiking lover and surfer.

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