Fourth quarter 2018 was full of activity for Unique Access Medical (UAM) as international interest in our breakthrough procedure continued to grow. In November, we took Epidural Stimulation to a pair of major medical tourism events in China, demonstrating its ability to empower quadriplegics and paraplegics around the world.

The first presentation was in Beijing at the 12th Annual China International Medical Tourism Fair, supporting China’s thriving Belt and Road initiative. UAM’s participation in the fair occurred just weeks after welcoming top Chinese business development firm, The Heung Kong Group (香江集), to our flagship rehab facility in Bangkok, and a week before visiting Guilin for another big event.

From November 16-18, Beijing’s International Exhibition Center was buzzing with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees from all corners of the global healthcare landscape. Together with our colleagues at Verita Healthcare Group, UAM delighted a steady stream of investors, doctors, therapists, and even patients with the facts about Epidural Stimulation.

The fair attracted a broad spectrum of healthcare providers exhibiting their products and treatments, and for the better part of the three-day fair, Epidural Stimulation was the center of attention.

“The sooner we can make cutting-edge treatments like Epidural Stimulation, LamiSpine, and cellular therapies available to so many people in need, the better for everyone involved,” said Henning Kalwa, UAM’s Head of Patient Services. “In China alone, there are 60,000 new Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients diagnosed every year.”

The overwhelming interest in Epidural Stimulation in China — which happens to be one of the world’s fastest growing medical tourism destinations — is another feather in UAM’s cap in terms of the trust medical professionals have in the safety and success rates of our treatments for SCI patients.

But the most meaningful validation can be seen in testimonials from our patients. Their stories of dramatic quality-of-life improvements after the Epidural Stimulation surgery and ensuing 35-day rehabilitation are truly inspiring, and they’re a key reason why we attract so much interest at medical events.

“Showcasing such an innovative procedure at the biggest medical tourism event in China was an amazing experience, mainly because you could see hope registering in the minds of the SCI patients we met,” said Mr. Kalwa. “They become excited after seeing how our previous patients regained control of their limbs and bodily functions, and that’s extremely rewarding to us as well.”

Another accomplishment for UAM in late 2018 was entering into a partnership with India’s Institute of Brain and Spine. That endeavor, along with our two events in China and another in Cancun, Mexico, are aimed at raising global awareness of Epidural Stimulation. And in Beijing, the chance to meet and interact directly with SCI patients was perhaps the highlight of a very productive year for UAM.

for them,” said Mr. Kalwa.

“That’s the essence of medical tourism, making more affordable or more successful treatments available to patients outside of their own healthcare systems. So we owe a big thanks to the Beijing event’s organizers for allowing us to introduce Epidural Stimulation to such a large audience in China.”

To learn more about UAM’s goal of combining next-generation SCI treatments with compassionate care, or to request an Epidural Stimulation consultation, contact a patient representative today.