Digital marketing is driving everyone round the bend today because it’s revolutionizing the industry in all senses. There is a notable borderline that separates SEO marketers and PPC specialists. Both are different but share the same goals. PPC applies strategies to improve a website’s rank and reach other people. So, PPC is currently as important as SEO in the marketing realm. Take notes and prepare your eyes for looking at the currently best 10 PPC agencies in India.

1.       AdWords PPC Expert

This is one of the best PPC agencies in India. They offer various services. This corporation specializes in Search Advertising, which consists in enhancing online ads in search engine results. They also help your online marketing campaign with their Google Shopping Ads Service. In Adwords PPC Expert they go even farther because they provide Amazon Advertising Service, which potentially increases the visibility of your business in such platform.

2.       Ads Triangle

At Ads Triangle, our second place in this ranking, they know the drill too. This business works in association with Google and Bing to come out with the best ad campaign services. They all are certified as Google and Bing partners, meaning they are a reliable company. Besides, they have been in the industry for 6 years, having assisted ad campaigns of businesses like ValueOfficeFurniture, WebContacts and Fitness Choice. You can read reviews there.

3.       Sapdra Pvt. Ltd.

Sapdra is a best digital marketing agency located in USA and India. Sapdra has been awarded an top PPC agency of India in 2017. Sapdra has helped more than 1700 domestic and international clients in multiple domains and sectors. Sapdra can be your digital partner if you are looking for digital services. 

4. Bruce Clay India PVT, LTD.

Bruce Clay has worked with a large number of companies for twenty years and is currently operating in other countries around the world like Brazil and Japan, which shows its constant evolution. They offer the full pack of marketing services. Bruce Clay has been a successful agency that earned the respect in every country they are working in. One of their services is Analysis and Conversion rate optimization.


SMG CONVONIX is an agency founded in 2003 and is one of the most important SEO marketing companies in India. They strategize ad campaigns for any kind of businesses, including start-ups. They operate in India but have no problem cooperating with other firms around the globe. They have eventually expanded their services but they still focus on social media and search engine advertising. Likewise, Convoix sends marketers overseas. They’ve absolutely won their spurs.

6.       DVIO Digital

When speaking of the best Indian digital marketing agencies, DVIO Digital must be in the list. They take pride in the technology they use to craft and create digital strategies with a technological approach. They have lots of partners across India to sort out all kinds of business issues and help brands grow. Mainly, they put emphasis on services like Display Advertising and Search AdWords. They have kept up the good job since 1992.

7.       eBrandz

Affordability and top quality are the words that best describe eBrandz. They are one of the top winning awards digital marketing agencies in India and with justice, because they have a wide variety of service. They include email marketing, PPC management, and WordPress website maintenance in the solutions. EBrandz has been outsourcing since 2013. Microsoft Adcenter is arguably the PPC service that distinguishes eBrandz from others.

8.       Ethinos

If you are looking for a top-notch PPC agency, Ethinos can be a great alternative for you. Not long time ago, they decided to incorporate Mobile and App marketing into the spread of services they offer. Additionally, they excel at implementing strategies to build or regain online reputation. This company has eventually partnered with all kinds of businesses, regardless of size or years in the industry. They are getting ready to initiate a digital marketing project on TV and radio. It’s an amazing way to spread the net.

9.       Grazitti Interactive

When it comes to taking your brand community to the next level, Grazitti Interactive is a company to look at. Grazitti is a growing PPC company founded in 2007. They provide a wide variety of opportunities and most interestingly, wall scaling for professionals. Regarding PPC services, they’ve sticked to PPC management but it’s been enough to gain reputation in India. They also offer inbound marketing as part of their other services. Companies like Yokogawa have put their trust in them.

10.   iProspect

iProspect has spread their wings to reach countries like Argentina and Mexico, meaning they have a keen interest in South American nations. They belong to the Dentsu Aegis Network. This agency specializes in providing solutions for all markets never mind their location. Display Advertising and Search AdWords are the two PPC services they offer. They believe that intelligent content is what actually boosts search engine relevancy. iProspect was founded in 1997.