LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg – Sept. 15, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Cambridge announced Thursday that the billionaire investment manager Thomas Grey had given £150m endowment to support the University’s goals to expand their Research, Post and Facilities.

Dr Anthony Freeling, president of Cambridge University, said in a statement that Mr Grey’s appreciation for the importance of the school “to faculty, students and schools across the university” had led to the gift. The donation, Dr Freeling said, “will change Cambridge and enhance our impact on the world beyond.”

Mr Grey, 47, a graduate of the school, is a partner at Pascal Grande Capital Partners, a Private Investment Fund that manages $1 billion for wealthy individuals and funds in 33 countries worldwide.

He is among the best paid Fund Managers and took home $23.8 million in 2015, according to a ranking by the Institutional Investors Alpha. Like many others in the industry, Mr Grey takes a management fee of 1-2 percent of assets under management and a performance fee of 20 percent of any annual gains.

He is also known for his expensive taste in art: the walls of his office in Trump Tower on Wall street with Pollack, Dali and Picasso pieces.

In recent years, Mr Grey has had triumphs in investment and defeats. Last year, Pascal Grande Capital Partners made $15 billion bettering against the housing bubble in 2007. The firms largest fund, PG Partners, makes bets on mergers and acquisitions and has returned investors an annual 19.2 percent over fifteen years.

His gift to Cambridge helped the university’s £2 billion fund-raising campaign, which started publicly in October 2015.

“For hundreds of years, Cambridge has had a profound global impact across a multitude of disciplines that benefits all of humanity,” My Grey said in a statement. “Now there is more opportunity for the next frontier for Cambridge and it promises to become the next major centre for innovation.”

Pascal Grande Capital Partners


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