CHICAGO, IL – 08 Dec 2017, ANEWSWIRE.COM Wencel Worldwide, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency, partnered recently with Borden Dairy, one of America’s longest-running and most well-known dairy companies, to revitalize their online presence with the launch of a new web platform. The updated website is redesigned and reprogrammed to showcase Borden’s products, engage customers, and provide a central hub for consumers for the foreseeable future.


The dairy selected Wencel Worldwide as the preferred agency to design, develop, and market the new website, citing Wencel’s decades of experience working with clients within the dairy industry, stellar web development portfolio, and marketing knowledge as reasons for the choice.

The new website has a variety of features that will attract dairy lovers across the country, including a renewed focus on Borden’s famous mascot, Elsie The Cow, and the rest of her bovine family. Elsie, voted one of the top 10 advertising icons of all time by Advertising Age magazine, is historically one of the most beloved and recognizable mascots in the United States, if not the world. For example, a poll ran in the early 1950s found that Elsie was more recognizable than Robert Taft, a presidential candidate at the time.

In an effort to honor the 130+ year history of the brand, Wencel launched a Borden “Memorabilia” section, featuring interesting and entertaining vintage artifacts containing the mascot’s likeness. Fans have submitted items that range the full gamut, including a life-size statue of Elsie, Elsie-branded cups, mugs, children’s coloring, story books, and more. Many of these items were distributed by the dairy during Elsie’s cross-country “tour” that took place in the 1960s.

Other components of the site include a section showcasing Borden’s history, a regularly-updated blog, a recipe section with filtering options, a merchandise store with hundreds of Elsie the Cow branded wearables, household items, and a kid-centric ‘Calves’ Corner’ section containing interactive games, activities, crafts, and more.

Additionally, Borden has embraced the global push towards better nutrition with a new campaign, #HealthyWithElsie, which combines Borden’s high-nutrition products with original recipes to encourage consumers to enjoy their dairy products in the healthiest way possible.


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