ERP software is a must for universities and colleges in the present times. It helps in managing the entire information related to campus in a holistic manner. It is totally exceptional as compared to the regular kinds of systems. The benefits of this software are discussed in the article.

ERP software is highly helpful in integrating all the processes in an unsurpassable manner and vital information is delivered in a flexible and fast way.”

 ERP solutions are changing the way how work is handled in an organization. These are highly helpful and save a lot of manual efforts and time. These setups have become really advanced over the years and nowadays the ERP setup can completely support decision making process. Every organization whether small, medium or big is making use of ERP software for their specific needs.

 The issues faced with existing systems and the solutions

 The main issue with the traditional type of systems is that they need a lot of time as well as efforts. Different domains like managing grants, managing funds, reporting etc are very difficult to handle with existing systems. If the staff would be involved in these areas then other important activities would get ignored.

 Thus, there are many problems in the traditional system and a comprehensive software is needed that can address all the aspects in an outstanding manner. Educational institutions need a single system which can help in managing world class processes with absolute ease. Therefore to meet the unique needs of educational sector the existing ERP software is not sufficient.  Now the educational industry needs a really advanced ERP setup that can act like a one place solution for all concerns and can effectively communicate vital information via all mediums.

 Advantages of ERP management software

  •          Modern day ERP setup is really fast and completely affordable.
  •          It is a low risk solution and no hassles will be faced with the implementation process.
  •          The cost of maintenance is very minimal and the operational costs are almost negligible.
  •          Resources can be optimized with ERP software and thus cost effective solutions are guaranteed.
  •          Better scheduling can be done with the help of ERP software.
  •          Overhead costs will be reduced to a great extent and it will very easily integrate with the existing educational systems and infrastructure.
  •         It helps in managing enrollment data in a perfect manner and accuracy is guaranteed while accessing the information.
  •          For the top management ERP software acts like trusted decision support tool and helps to take the right decision on time.
  •          Real time data and reports can be generated with its help.
  •          It eases the tasks of administrative department to a great extent.
  •          Time lag is reduced and information gets circulated to the concerned departments in a secure and highly reliable manner.
  •          This kind of software helps in fixing accountability at all levels. Thus, everyone will have to face the answer ability for the work they have done.

 The cost criteria

 An ERP solution meant for the campus will never prove to be a cost burden. Now the campus ERP solution runs on cloud based computing and thus colleges and universities are not required to manage separate IT departments for this purpose. For cloud based ERP solution internet bandwidth should be trustworthy and costs can be kept at a minimal level. Based on specific needs the educational institutes can choose the best ERP model.


 There are innumerable advantages of using ERP software and the educational institutions can manage the resources in an unprecedented manner with its help. It helps in saving time and efforts and correct decisions can be taken very quickly. The overall functioning of the campus can be managed and integrated in an excellent manner with the help of advance level ERP setup.

 About us:  Cloud Next Vision provides software solutions for campus needs in a brilliant manner. The entire data, vital information and crucial aspects can be accessed from a centralized facility and the tasks like administrative functions, financial information management, material management, etc. will become absolutely simple. Such setup provides real time access to the vital details and handling academic, administrative and official tasks becomes a simple process. The cloud based environment can be completely trusted and operational efficiencies are 100% guaranteed.

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