Taboo of Blood, a menstruation and hygiene initiative carried out by NARII Foundation, gave wings of freedom from dirty cloth and spoiled clothes to the 600+ women of Apna Ghar Ashram, New Delhi on 19th May 2018. The event was carried out by the NARII team to ensure these women do not fall prey to diseases relation to menstruation. The women at the Ashram were mentally challenged and it was a difficult task to speak to them. The event was sponsored by HUDCO which supports the Project Taboo of Blood by NARII Foundation. Although the mentally challenged women did not understand things as they probably should, the staff at the Ashram were of great help to the team.

Project Manager Tanvi Jalan along with her PRM Sabiha Shams met every woman individually, trying their best to give a smile to their faces. The women of the Ashram were delighted to see people visiting them and making efforts. NARII Secretary Saamson Javier acknowledged the women who are named as “Prabhuji” by the Ashram staff. Mr. Javier spoke to them and made them understand that the women should always tell the staff when they menstruate, so that the can be provided with the needful sanitary napkins. The team came donated the sanitary napkins to the Ashram for use as required by the women staying there.

Commencing with the event, Tanvi Jalan and Sabiha Shams hugged the ladies there, promising them to visit them time to time and look after their requirements. Tanvi Jalan quoted “It is a sad view to see senior orphans at such ashrams. It is a shame that children have the strength to abandon their parents on the road due to their mental or physical inability. It is due to such ashrams that humanity is somewhere still intact.”

 NARII team is obliged to HUDCO for sponsoring their project Taboo of Blood and giving them the chance of doing something for the not-so-privileged people of the society. NARII looks forward to the youth of the society to volunteer with them and make a difference to the society.  It’s time to eradicate problems women of our society face and give them wings to fly.