Zug, Switzerland, 08 Dec 2017 – ANEWSWIRE –  The PropTech startup vendom was launched on August 8, 2017. vendom is a digital bidding-marketplace for real estate and arranges the purchase and sale of real estate in a simple, efficient and transparent manner. With a variety of digital bidding procedures the platform determines the current best market price and paves the way to a successful real estate transaction – for both the seller and the buyer. 

vendom’s objectives are to structure the entire marketing process more efficiently while providing more transparency in the real estate market. Optimal pricing of real estate is dependent on many factors such as condition, location, size, age, state of the economy, emotions, etc. and is therefore difficult to determine by means of personal appraisals or statistics. The different digital bidding procedures at vendom are designed to represent the competitive situation in a realistic manner, resulting in a market price that finds a balance between supply and demand. The pricing for real estate transactions is de-personalized with vendom. Founder and CEO John Philip Stalder says the following about the motivation behind the launch of vendom: “We believe that the price is decided by the market, not by unclear statistics or speculation. With our platform, we want to trigger market-driven price dynamics in real estate.”

Functions and advantages of vendom
With vendom, buyers can use the helpful search function to search for real estate and contact sellers directly for further information and viewings. If there is interest in a property, the potential buyer sends a request to the seller to participate in the bidding procedure. After the seller has checked the buyer and authorized them to participate in the bidding procedure, bids can be submitted for the desired property or it can be used the immediate price confirmation, if this option is offered by the seller. Following the bidding procedure, the seller discusses the further steps for the preparation and conclusion of the purchase contract with the buyer. 

The bidding procedures on vendom offer buyers a major advantage in that submitted bids can be tracked online and immediately responded to. Compared to the conventional bidding procedure, the bidding procedures on vendom are transparent, since all bids submitted are shown with date and time. To preserve data privacy, only the seller of the property has access to the personal data of the bidders.

International platform for all types of real estate
vendom provides a marketplace for all types of real estate such as residential, commercial, industrial, land, parking, etc. All real estate can also be declared as an investment property and the targeted gross yield can be indicated. Investors can search vendom exclusively for investment properties by means of a filter function.

The vendom platform is designed on an international basis to simplify cross-border marketing of real estate. In addition to German and English, the platform will therefore soon be available in French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Communication and interaction between sellers and interested parties are simplified through process standardization and country-specific translations.

 vendom is the response to dynamic markets in the age of digitization in the real estate market.

Visit the bidding-marketplace vendom: www.vendom.com

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