Steve Barbarich is a modern day King Midas when it comes to business. It seems that everything that he touches turns to gold. He’s been around for quite some time building business left and right. One of his early successes was mainly because of e-commerce. But today, he has become so much more than just an entrepreneur. In fact, he is known as a philanthropist and someone who helps people improve their way of living.

Steve Barbarich graduated with a  degree in Engineering. With his knowledge and experience in the field, he was able to come up with different patents. During these years, he was able to come up with different products that made it in the market.

After, he aimed to help inventors who were also struggling to get their ideas to the public. He was able to come up with ebooks that became best sellers in Amazon. Here, he was able to share his knowledge on how to make patents go live. He published an ebook called How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents. And given its success, he decided to come up with a company that helped those inventors. He launched AbsolutelyNew which is a company that patents products and gets them into the market. This way, ideas became a reality for a lot of inventors.

Dabbling in E-Commerce and Other Businesses

One of the reasons for Steve Barbarich diving into the world of e-commerce is due to his own bad experience when he was buying furniture online. He was having a difficult time with the aftersales support given by the company. And because of this, he decided to have his own e-commerce site. But unlike the company that he dealt with, his company focused on giving customers the best experience before and even after the sale was made.

The company was an instant success. And because of this, he was able to build a solid relationship with a lot of his customers.

Today, Steve Barbarich is also involved in helping homeowners who are looking to earn extra cash on a regular basis. Steve Barbarich came up with a company that aims to transform homes into legitimate business models. He was able to turn these homes into vacation rentals. Because of this new business venture, he was able to help those homeowners make use of their extra rooms and generate serious profit. But unlike those who were unguided, it lessens the failure rate.

Giving Back

Steve Barbarich is known for giving back to different organizations and communities. In 2005, he was able to help those who were affected by Hurricane Rita and Ike. He was able to make a decent sum of donation that was able to help alleviate the situation. He was able to donate a portion of the spa sales to the American Red Cross that addressed this situation. In addition to this, Steve Barbarich also helped those women who don’t have the money to pay for their own mammogram. He believes that with early detection, it is possible to beat cancer. In 2009, he made a donation to those women who don’t have the financial ability to go to a diagnostic center.