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Los Angeles, CA, September 13, 2017 (ANEWSWIRE) – ​​Recognizing that many brands get a late start on their Holiday marketing strategy, L.A.-based digital marketing agency Symphonic Digital offers retailers and e-commerce companies a leg up for the season. As part of a promotion, they provide free “Paid Search” audits to identify potential areas of improvement. The information that this audit reveals, allows brands a better position to capture a higher volume of Holiday-related traffic before the competition gets too fierce.

“Our studies have shown us that around 90 percent of AdWords campaigns are mismanaged,” says Steffen Horst, a CEO & Co-Founder of L.A.’s Symphonic Digital. “If you are using bad practices moving into the Holidays, you miss out on your biggest revenue-generating opportunity of the year.”

Instead of making this critical mistake, Horst advises that brands start forming a Holiday Paid Search strategy months before the Holiday Season begins, and following an internal practices audit. A recent survey of 1,000 Americans found that 14 percent of consumers had already begun to purchase gift items in September. One percent are already completely finished with their shopping.

Our studies have shown us that around 90 percent of AdWords campaigns are mismanaged. If you are using bad practices moving into the Holidays, you miss out on your biggest revenue-generating opportunity of the year.

In the months leading up to the digital sales peak of Cyber Monday, millions of people research products and jot down gift ideas. Brands able to catch this early traffic through targeted PPC campaigns can nurture interest and gradually wind consumers into their sales funnel. Yet, only 31 percent of small businesses start planning holiday sales campaigns more than two to three months in advance.

Additionally, poor PPC management yields bad data and little direction as to how to best capture audiences. If brands begin research and campaign strategizing in November, they will suddenly face higher bid prices and stiffer competition. Competing brands will aim to capture increasing conversion rates from consumers, who feel motivated to lock down purchases as the Holidays creep closer.

“Brands need to realize that you can never be too early when planning holiday campaigns. People start their shopping process way back in September, so businesses shouldn’t wait much longer than that,” cautions Horst. “By the time the stores put out decorations, you’re late!”

To ensure brands can compete effectively for soaring Paid Search volume and higher conversion rates, Horst stresses that campaigns have to be properly planned to engage with the target audience in all three stages of the sales funnel. “You want to be in a good position to capture all that demand,” he states.

Getting to this point means brands must thoroughly audit Paid Search campaigns early on. By looking at current practices and setting goals to segment, target, and capture search volume, brands can translate surging Holiday traffic into huge returns.

As part of their approach for preparing brands for Holiday sales, Symphonic Digital executes a multiple-point Account Analysis months in advance. The analysis identifies poor paid search practices, which cause brands to miss out on the season’s huge revenue potential.

“We take a deep-dive into each key account area to help brands further understand elements affecting performance,” explains Symphonic Digital Partner and Chief Client Officer Dave Antil. “Clients are assigned an audit score covering six key account areas along with 30 plus subareas. The score helps them understand the health of their overall account, their account strength, and highlights areas for improvement.”

Based on their score and report findings, each client receives insights and top-line recommendations. The report covers the key findings and helps marketers understand exactly what they need to do to improve performance.

“The results of the report do wonders to turn around clients’ conversions leading into the busiest retail period of the year,” Antil reveals. “But we also know that getting a late start makes the effort much less effective, which is why we try to incentivize people to start early with our free audit promotion.”

Symphonic Digital’s approach ensures as little friction as possible. Any brand interested can simply request a free, comprehensive audit and insight report with zero obligation.

By taking proactive steps and gaining insights from audit programs like these, brands can enjoy happier holidays and rake in bigger returns.

But, they must start early. As Horst cautions: “Don’t wait until sales are already being made. Develop best practices now, and start early to earn big.”

About Symphonic Digital

Symphonic Digital provides end-to-end digital marketing consulting, strategizing and services for clients ranging from enterprise-level brand names to growing SMBs. Their experience encompasses prestige brands in nearly every vertical. Each account receives a specialized team to ensure maximum oversight, consistent compliance with best practices, and total accountability. If you are interested in receiving a free Holiday Paid Search audit, visit to learn more.


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