There is nothing quite like the bond between a dog and its owner, dogs are man’s best friend after all and it’d be a lie to say we didn’t love them back just as much! In these colder months, it is understandable that you would want to make sure your beloved pet is kept safe and warm. Here are some great cold weather treats for your pet dog that are not only practical, but they are also things your dog will love!

A Warm Coat

Not all dogs will need one, but if your breed of dog is susceptible to the cold weather then get them a cosy coat. There are plenty of different sizes and designs, so make sure you do your research on the best type for your breed. This treat needn’t be expensive as many high street brands now make the cutest dog clothing too.

A Good Quality Brush

Keeping your pooch’s fur smooth and free of clumps will ensure their coat stays at optimum insulating levels as matted fur does not trap in the warmth anywhere near as well. Plus, your dog will enjoy the extra pampering of a good brush down every day! As an added bonus: the sleeker your dogs fur, the quicker it will dry off.

More Tasty Treats

It’s true that in the colder months your dog will expend more calories than in the warmer ones. Rather than feeding them a whole extra meal, pick up some fun and delicious treats for them to up their calorific intake. You can guarantee that the treats you provide are always healthy and nutritionally balanced by subscribing to a monthly treat box for your beloved dog. So let them do the hard work for you.

Indoor Games

Particularly in the winter, your doggy pal will spend more time indoors as you won’t be able to walk them as much in bad weather. Make sure you have some indoor games devised for them such as hiding treats around the house, playing fetch in a long (de-cluttered) hallway or room, or simply running up and down the stairs with them. This will help to keep their exercise levels up and prevent them from becoming restless.

Cosy Booties

These are not only practical but they’re adorable too! Booties help to protect your pooch’s paws from the cold, and from the salt that is often spread in the very coldest months. The salt combines with the ice and causes a reaction that can actually burn your dog’s paws, so a barrier will prevent that from happening. If your pet absolutely won’t walk with anything on its feet, there are special barrier creams you can try instead.

These extra little autumn and winter treats will make sure that your dog is kept happy, safe and warm. With some extra care and attention, the autumn and winter can be seasons that you and your dog can enjoy together. The best part? Most of the items in our list won’t feel like anything other than a treat to your perfect pooch!

Content is written by Nichola Goodwin