HAMMERSMITH, England & HEIDELBERG, Germany – Nov. 28, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Si2 Talent Management enables Service business leaders to build their ‘People Platform’ for success. Five offerings can be blended together to develop service capability and create competitive advantage.

· √ High Performing Service Organizations

· √ Boot Camp

· √ Talent Recruitment

· √ Business Coaching

· √ Building Customer Service Capabilities

High Performing Service Organizations: Evolving a self-learning, results driven “DNA”, coupled with a clear vision and objectives; Rapidly innovate and adjust to new requirements: Developing the language and structure that allows individuals to understand their personal change journey within the context of their organizations’ ongoing evolution.

Boot Camp: Aligning teams around solutions, challenges, culture and even organizational politics: Bringing together teams over one to five days at the end of which they will have figured out a solution, recommended a course of action or simply learned to talk the same language. Sounds easy, but is extremely difficult for managers to achieve without skilled facilitation from people with a deep understanding of the service context.

Talent Recruitment: Service business leaders frequently describe their frustration with the time it takes and the options they are given when recruiting new people. Whereas many head-hunters have developed dedicated expertise in recruiting for well defined positions in functional areas, very few provide the same level of competency in searching for the modern service professional. We have developed a new recruiting model which brings together business contextual knowledge of the talent required with powerful analytics and headhunting consultancy skills. We accelerate the search process (often more than 50%) and provide more focus and options.

Business Coaching: Helping Service business leaders achieve ambitious targets whether operational or strategic. It involves listening and reflection, although there are times when great value is brought to bear by entering the problem-solving process, or even mentoring the coachee through specific situations. In this way, it is very different from the more traditional personal development coaching. It requires strong business acumen as well as professional coaching skills. A Business Coach must have a deep understanding of the business context and the management experience to know when to move from coaching to mentoring to problem solving and back.

Developing Customer Service Capabilities: There are essential customer service skills that all service personnel should have, but are often viewed or trained in isolation. However, when they are trained in combination using a common methodology, they become far more effective:

√ Problem Busting: Developing a consistent methodology for problem solving across the organization.

√ Glad I can help: Ensuring every member of the service organization is prepared to turn customer conflict into exceptional customer experience.

√ Trusted Advisor: Providing field service personnel with the necessary confidence and skills to become the person the customer turns to for both technical and business advice.

√ Closing the Deal: Providing service professionals with the confidence and skills to close deals without jeopardizing their standing as a Trusted Advisor.

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