HOLLYWOOD, CA – June 6, 2019. The first part of the movie trilogy based on the TV Series “Scorpion Girl” is set to begin filming in August 2019, with Fito Rivera to direct. The news were officially announced yesterday on a press conference with part of the cast and crew. The first part is being produced under the name “Scorpion Girl: Awakening”. Amor Sanchez, who portrayed Endellion in the TV Series, said last year that she is very excited to repise her role.


“Scorpion Girl” introduced the first major Latina Female Superhero. As a young girl, SUVANNI is a sheltered, innocent young woman who abruptly departs from her small hometown in Mexico to track down her missing older sister. Her quest makes her a target of the most nefarious criminals, HANS VON KRUGER and his right hand ENDELLION. They are holding her sister captive as a slave in a sex trafficking ring. The scopes of their demonic plan are limitless. She is conflicted over her powers, but she understands she must use her superior skills to challenge criminals. She will embrace the warrior inside of her, fulfill her destiny and ultimately become the Scorpion Girl.



The just announced “Scorpion Girl: Awakening” is set to arrive in December 2019, following a July 2020 release for ”Scorpion Girl: LA Battle Field”, and a February 2021 release for “Scorpion Girl: Redemption”.


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