In Christian Evangelical churches, the ultimate goal is to save a soul from facing the hell after death. This is why the norms and regulations of salvation have been taught to the children from tender ages. It is regarded that we are all sinner, and we shall be punished for our sins after the life is over. The sinners are sent to the hell, where fire and demons are waiting to provide the punishment. In order to escape the hell, one should pray to the God or almighty so that sins are forgiven. This is the reason why people have to perform the sinners prayer. In the following section, a few interesting facts on the sinner prayer have been discussed.

The Version of Bill Graham

When it comes to the sinner prayer, there are different versions of this prayer. In Bill Graham version, you need to start by accepting that you are a sinner. Since you are sinner and you know that from the core of your heart, you should ask an apology to Jesus or the God. The prayer also invites the God to come into the heart so that sins can be wiped away and good thoughts will always prevail in your mind.

CRU Version of Sinner Prayer

As stated, there are different versions of the sinner prayer. The basic thing is the same, though methods of prayers and statement of the prayers vary from one to another. One of the most popular versions of sinner prayer is the CRU version. In this version, one has to start praying by thanking the God to forgiving the sins. The prayer will also include praising the lord and accepting the doors or hearts and minds to receive good teaching of the God. It further says about the acceptance of the life that has been chosen by the God for a person.

Sinner prayer for Children

There are separate sinner prayers for the children and adults. Sinner prayer for the children starts with the acceptance of the sin. The prayer accepts the God as the savior which can forgive all your sins. The prayer includes invitation to the God to come into the life and change the life. The God will show the path of honesty and truthfulness to the kids. At the end, the prayer stops with thanking the God for forgiving the sins and taking you into the heaven.

Importance and Essence of Sinner Prayer

Sinner prayer is important for everyone, as it encourages people to accept the sins of the life. Everyone makes mistakes, but accepting or confessing those mistakes is important. This is why scriptures salvation has to be followed. It also makes a person pure from inside. It makes a person to ready for difficulties in life.

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