Vegepod ( is happy to impart the gift of hassle-free gardening with their innovative raised bed kits UK based products. These garden kits are known to provide benefits to those who’ve been gardening for years, as well as to those who are new to it.

Vegepod is a company that takes pride in their advanced garden kits that are distinct from the ones usually available in the market. One of the most recognised features of their kits is the wicking system that makes managing plants easier through its self-watering ability. These products also have a permeable mesh cover that allows air and water to come in, but keeps pests out. At the same time, such items utilise steel stands which can have optional wheels attached to them, thus providing convenience when it comes to manoeuvrability.

Additionally, these raised garden bed kits are not only known for their efficiency, but for their environment-friendly design and durability too. The best part is, Vegepod ensures that their products are made from polypropylene plastic with less hazardous chemicals. They are proud that the plastic pods they manufacture are safe and sustainable compared to garden kits made of untreated timber that usually lasts for less than two years before rotting. According to the company in one of their blogs, “…our containers are durable and designed for optimal plant growth, an individual Vegepod can have a 7 to 10-year lifespan! That’s 7 to 10 years of organic results.”

Aside from the raised garden kits that this company offers, there are also other products such as stands, trolley stands and winter covers. The stands are made of galvanised and powder coating steel which can be raised at waist height or 80cm, making gardening easy and effortless. The price for these stands starts at £49.00 for a small size, £59.00 for medium and £115.00 for the large one. On the other hand, trolley stands are the ones with wheels and are perfect for garden patios and courtyards. These stands in wheels are available in small (£115.00) and medium sizes (£129.00).

For those interested in gardening or growing their own food, using Vegepod’s raised garden bed kits is an excellent way to do it. To know more about their products, head over to their official website at

About Vegepod

Vegepod is a company that manufactures award-winning, self-contained raised garden bed kits, and has helped burgeon the field of horticulture. And as they are all about making gardening easier, their raised bed kits can be placed on stands with optional wheels for convenient manoeuvrability. If you’re interested in availing of their products, give them a call on 01737 764940. You can also opt to send them an email at or fill out their enquiry form at