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Indonesia, December 25, 2017- ANEWSWIRE.COM – Plantation International, through its fully owned Indonesian subsidiary PT Gaharu Kapita Indonesia, hosted myriad of dignitaries from local government and the military to commemorate its grand opening of “The Centre of Gaharu Excellence“ in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The Centre of Gaharu Excellence is a 20-year joint collaboration project between Plantations International’s PT Gaharu Kapita Indonesia and The Instiper Agricultural Institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The main purpose of The Centre of Gaharu Excellence is to produce the highest-quality Gaharu/Agarwood Chips and Oud Oil for the export market and provide Gaharu farmers throughout Indonesia with the knowledge and technical resources to do the same. Indonesia is currently the world’s largest exporter of Gaharu/Agarwood Chips at over 4 million kg per year.

Plantations International is also actively seeking 500 acres of suitable land on the island of Borneo to expand its Aquilaria Malaccensis Agarwood planting programs. Currently Plantations International plants 1,000 Aquilaria Malaccensis Agarwood saplings per acre. The Borneo expansion will give Plantations International an additional 500,000 fully harvestable Aquilaria Malaccensis trees. Each fully inoculated Aquilaria Malaccensis tree will produce approximately 17. 5 kg of high-grade harvestable agarwood by years 7 to 9 and will be worth approximately just over US$1,000 per tree.

You don’t wait to plant a tree, you plant a tree and wait!

About Plantations International

Plantations International is a multinational plantation management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable agribusiness services for its clients. From the pre-conceptual planning stages to harvesting and marketing the final products, Plantations International strives to go the extra mile to exceed its clients’ expectations. We put teamwork, innovation and our passion for creating “ethical & sustainable capital” at the heart of everything we do.


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