Now, ship owners and management can protect equipment and the environment with high-performance marine lubricant. Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, a UAE based Petroleum & Energy company manufactures and markets high viscosity index marine grade gear oil. It is a long lasting lubricant designed especially for marine applications.

Marine grade gear oil offered by Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC is formulated using high-viscosity index, solvent refined oils and incorporate a special sulphur-phosphorous additive to provide an extreme pressure performance which allows trouble free applications. These premium quality gear lubricants are used in enclosed gear drives & speed reducers ranging from small boxes to large. Marine grade gear oil may also be used for chain drives, slide guides, plain & rolling gears.

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC’s marine grade gear oil has the following features:

  • It has outstanding water separation attributes, so that extra water can be run out easily from lubrication systems. These withstand high thermal loading, resist the formation of sludge and provides extended oil life, even with mass oil temperatures of up to 1000C in certain applications.
  • Marine Grade Gear Oil protects both steel and bronze components from corrosion.
  • It reduces gear tooth and bearing wear on both steel and bronze components.
  • Marine grade gear oil has excellent load carrying capacity.
  • It reduces health and product removal risks.

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC manufactures and supplies a vast range of premium quality automotive, industrial, marine and speciality products. They also manufacture speciality lubricant products for transformer, spindle, turbine, quenching, compressor and cutting, besides brake fluid, flushing oil, multipurpose lithium and calcium base grease.

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About the company

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, based in the UAE, is a Petroleum & Energy company, it is one of the prominent companies in the region, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of premium Quality Automotive, Industrial, Marine and speciality products. We offer gasoline, diesel engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic, outboard, 4 strokes lubes applications. We also manufacture specialty lubricant products for transformer, spindle, turbine, quenching, compressor, and cutting, besides brake fluid, flushing oil and multipurpose lithium and calcium base grease.