Now, ship owners and ship management can get excellent engine oil for modern medium speed 4-stroke marine diesel engines running on intermediate fuel oil (IFO) or heavy fuel oil (HFO) at Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC. Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, a leading petroleum & energy company in UAE, offers high-performance ship engine oil.

Ship engine oil offered by Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC has the following features and benefits:

  • Its excellent detergent and dispersant qualities reduce the build-up of soot & black sludge and help keep the engine cleaner.
  • Acidic by-products present in this ship engine oil are effectively neutralised and the engine is protected from corrosive wear.
  • It has better demulsibility characteristics that ensure water separation leading to trouble free operation.
  • Its robust anti-wear technology gives safeguard against piston & linear wear and good gear performance leading to a reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Its improved thermo-oxidative stability retards oil degradation facilitating extended oil life.

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC’s ship engine oil is made for use in medium speed diesel engines which operates on residual fuels in marine, power generation and industrial applications. Its superior additive technology used in this oil provides excellent engine cleanliness & wear protection under different operating conditions. These ship engine oils exhibit a high degree of water tolerance and have better water separation and base retention properties.

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC’s vision is to grow and succeed, continually striving for excellence while working collaboratively to improve organisational efficiencies. Their mission is to provide high-quality products that combine performance with value pricing and excellent service, keeping in mind conservation of environment.

Get this excellent and high-performing ship engine oil for marine applications operating on residual fuels. Visit their website Send them an email to or contact them at +971-6-7433099

About the company

Petrogulf Oil Manufacturing LLC, based in the UAE, is a Petroleum & Energy company, it is one of the prominent companies in the region, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of premium Quality Automotive, Industrial, Marine and speciality products. We offer gasoline, diesel engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic, outboard, 4 strokes lubes applications. We also manufacture specialty lubricant products for transformer, spindle, turbine, quenching, compressor, and cutting, besides brake fluid, flushing oil and multipurpose lithium and calcium base grease.