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SINGAPORE – Sept. 14, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — “Go for company incorporation Singapore (a private limited company). It will limit your liability,” advised Ms. Meena to a client.

More often than not, the incorporation agents advise their clients to start a private limited company (Pte Ltd). In fact, a large number of Singapore company incorporation are of this type. The business structure limits the shareholders’ liability if the company suffers losses or debts.

In the case of the sole proprietorship and various types of partnerships, the responsibility rests with the owners. It puts their personal property and assets at risk. However, the owners (shareholders) of the private limited company enjoys reduced liability. It is limited to the amount they have invested in shares of the company.

Moreover, the business structure underlying the Pte Ltd is designed to be scalable and dynamic. These properties prove detrimental to a business that is expanding rapidly.

In addition, such an entity is considered as a legal person and has the rights of a natural born person. It does not depend on the well-being of its owners and can exist perpetually. It is easy to transfer the ownership of shares.

“All these reasons put a private limited company in the forefront as the natural candidate for a new company incorporation in Singapore. And we, at SBS Consulting Pte Ltd, provide excellent promo incorporation package to our clients.

It is actually a three-in-one offer at only S$699. It gives you two essential services; local registered office address (S$239) and corporate secretary (S$299) free for the first year,” added Ms. Meena.

The discounted or combo packages for company incorporation Singapore that offers one or more additional services are loved by the bootstrapping entrepreneurs especially if they are working on a shoestring budget. Wouldn’t you?

“It is a smart decision to get a 3-in-1 package as it is mandatory for each of the new Singapore company incorporation to hire a company secretary within the 6 months of its registration. The entrepreneurs must have a local registered office address at the time of applying to the Company Registrar for the registration of their company.

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) acts as the Company Registrar of Singapore. In the case of foreign company registration, the business owners need to hire one of the incorporation services for the task. However, with us, they get comprehensive services as follows,” advised Ms. Meena.

SBS Consulting’s Singapore company incorporation promo package:

• Checking availability of company name and reserving it
• Preparation of M&AA, Form 45, Form 45B etc.
• Paying ACRA fees, Registering new company with ACRA
• Electronic Certificate of Incorporation
• Company profile/Extract
• Taking Minutes of first board meeting
• Share certificate(s)
• Common seal
• Company Kit
• Assistance for opening of corporate bank account (FREE for one bank in Singapore)

Singapore offers all the ingredients that every business owner appreciates. It offers political stability, thriving startup ecosystem, state-of-the-art communication networks and mass transportation system, air and sea links to the major business centers and ports throughout the world.

The foreign and local business owners choose company incorporation in Singapore to conduct trading operations on the international scale. They benefit from the Singapore taxation system which is territorial & remittance-based and levies lower tax rates. The headline corporate tax rate is just 17%.

“Singapore’s geographical location also favors it as an Entrepot between the East and Waste. The SMEs and Multinational companies opt for company incorporation Singapore and set up their regional headquarters in Singapore so as to be able to in touch with the emerging markets of Asia. It is the right location for setting up a trading company, services company, & holding company,” concluded Ms. Meena.

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