Nick Barraclough is one of the highly-regarded criminal defence barristers in London right now with a wide-ranging private practice. People facing charges in tribunals and courts can definitely count on Nick to represent them.

Nick is globally known for his expertise in white collar crime and as a dependable money laundering and fraud barrister London based. Other cases that he also focuses on include slavery and people trafficking, murder, drugs, sexual offences, regulatory and disciplinary cases, and appeals. Having fought different cases and trials, Nick earned a reputation as one of the most experienced barristers in the UK.

Being an experienced trial barrister, Nick Barraclough makes sure he never misses a point into every case he takes on. This professional takes pride in handling various cases that require his expertise, no matter how complicated they may be. According to him, “I specialise in representing people who are accused of doing something wrong, whether the proceedings involve a criminal court or other tribunal such as a sports or regulatory board. The bulk of my practice involves defending those accused of very serious misconduct such as serious fraud or homicide, but I also conduct private cases in less serious cases, such as driving offences, theft and assault”.

His broad experience also enabled Nick to be a creative yet analytical thinker who uses a simple and approachable manner to win every case. From determining the most critical issues involving the case to advising how to deal with them, this defence barrister will carefully work with his clients to achieve desired results.

As for those who don’t want to involve anyone else like solicitors in their cases, Nick is happy to offer a Direct or Public Access service. Through this scheme, members of the public can directly instruct and ask Nick for advice, representation, and drafting, be an individual or an organisation.

For interested parties, take note that not all cases are appropriate for direct access work as there are matters that may require the presence of a solicitor. In such instances, this barrister can provide advice to clients, as well as suggest some leading solicitors.

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About Nick Barraclough

Nick Barraclough is an expert trial lawyer who specialises in representing people who are facing criminal charges in courts and tribunals. He can take on simple cases like theft or road traffic offences to more serious ones such as manslaughter or sexual allegations. For more information about this criminal defence barrister and his areas of expertise, you can head over to his official website at To get in touch, you can call 020 7440 8888 or send your messages via email at Alternatively, a contact form can also be filled out at