Frigibar®‘s new line of packaged condensing unit for marine refrigeration and freezer systems are now available.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, February 20, 2019 – Marine refrigeration manufacturer Frigibar® LLC featured its newest line of packaged condensing units for use in marine refrigeration and freezer systems at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show.
Polar Cube™, Polar Cub™, and Polar Cub+™ packaged condensing units are the newest addition to the Frigibar® product mix. These new condensing units expand customers’ options beyond Frigibar®’s existing line of condensing units, refrigerators, and freezers. They are made with the same high standards that have made Frigibar® a trusted name by boat builders and marine refrigeration specialist for almost five decades and are far superior to any condensing units that are currently on the market.
Polar Cube™ is a compact packaged condensing unit designed for use in direct expansion refrigeration and freezer units, such as cockpit refrigerators/freezers or fish boxes. Other popular applications include mezzanine or galley refrigerator/freezers. The Polar Cube™ unit is typically placed remotely from the compartment it is refrigerating and is commonly located in the engine room, lazarette, or other on-board location. Removeable positioning brackets provide flexibility for Polar Cube™ to be mounted on a bulkhead or horizontal surface.
Polar Cube™ condensing units are housed in a pristine white powder coated aluminum enclosure. Units are available in multiple configurations; air-cooled only, air/water cooled, water-cooled only and with a choice of resealable couplings or brass base valve connections. All configurations of Polar Cube™ are available in 1/4 HP and 1/3 HP, with 115V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz power options. All Polar Cube™ condensing units run on R134A refrigerant.
Polar Cub™ and Polar Cub+™ packaged 12/24V condensing units satisfy the need for refrigeration options for vessels without generators. 12/24V systems are often used in conjunction with evaporator plates to convert existing insulated storage areas on-board into a refrigerator or freezer. Both Polar Cub™ and Polar Cub+™ are air cooled with resealable couplings and come in an attractive white powder coated aluminum housing (either square or rectangle) that can be easily mounted on a bulkhead or horizontal surface.
Polar Cub™ and Polar Cub+™ packaged 12/24V condensing units feature either a BD50 or BD80 compressor and have the ability to refrigerate 14 to 21 cubic feet and/or freeze 5 to 7 cubic feet. The Polar Cub™ unit has a unique option which allows operation on 12/24V and 115V. Polar Cub+™ is available in 12/24V only. All Polar Cub™ and Polar Cub+™ condensing units run on R134A refrigerant.
In addition to the new condensing units, complete conversion kits, custom refrigeration plates and refrigeration systems are available. Frigibar® continues to push the envelope by designing and developing new marine refrigeration products to improve and expand the limited options available to yacht owners, boat builders, captains, crew and marine enthusiasts.
Frigibar® builds handcrafted, custom-built freezer/refrigerator units, fiberglass cockpit freezers, dock boxes, insulated fish boxes, ice chests, custom refrigeration systems in fiberglass and stainless steel and more. Current models can be viewed online at Frigibar® products are on display in their Fort Lauderdale showroom.
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