AMHERST, NH – ANEWSWIRE – May 7, 2018 – Ahtel Wines, a passionate importer of artisan, elusive wines from Central Europe, today announced that it is the exclusive US importer for Krásná hora, a Czech Republic winery following biodynamic methods, that produces artisan wines expressive of the terrior of Moravia which deliver a rich sense of place.

“We are thrilled to partner with Krásná hora and launch their wines to the US,” stated Ahtel Wines Managing Director and Co-Founder, Amanda Wilson. “Family run, their winery is steeped with tradition yet modern and forward thinking. Their wines fit perfectly with our mission of delivering artisan, unique wines to the US to surprise and delight wine drinkers. We look to represent winemakers who are connected to their history and region. We are excited for people to experience these new wines and find a new region to look for on wine lists.”

Moravia produces 96% of the wine from the Czech Republic and with the exception of those very familiar with various wine regions, most people have likely never heard of it. Yet they produce some of the most interesting wines in the world. The region has a history of winemaking that goes back to the 12th century, however communism disrupted their wine production by only allowing creation of “state wine”. Since the country’s independence, winemakers have been reclaiming their vineyards and have gone back to producing beautiful, expressive wines that are winning international competitions, while also defining the unique characteristics that set them apart from wines of the world.

“Consumer tastes are evolving and Moravian wines align well with these new trends,” according to Ahtel Wines Managing Director and Co-Founder, Heidi Wettach. “Studies show consumers are preferring fresher, less sweet and more natural wines. They are less concerned with a specific AOC or varietal, but rather look to find new experiences from interesting regions. Moravian wines represent all of these trends while delivering good value to the consumer.”

Ahtel Wines will be featuring Krásná hora at the United States Trade Tasting event in New York City on May 15-16. Winemaker Ondřej Dubas will be joining them from the Czech Republic to pour some of his current wines as well as the new vintage to come.

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About Krásná hora

A small, family run winery, Krásná hora manages organic vineyards and since 2014 have followed biodynamic methods. The vineyards are of varied soils including loess, sand, and limestone. The result is their ability to blend the unique qualities of each fruit into the beautiful wines they produce. They have most recently won a Silver Medal in the Prague International Wine Competition for their 2015 Cuvée Bernety. Learn more about Krásná hora at

About Ahtel Wines

Ahtel Wines is passionate about bringing artisan, hard-to-get wines from Central Europe to the US so distributors, retailers and restaurants alike can introduce new, unique wines to their portfolios and surprise and delight wine drinkers nationwide. They focus on developing long-term partnerships with producers that possess a profound respect for terroir and are benchmarks in their region, and as such, their portfolio presents quality, small-production old-world style wines as well as intriguing regional varietals from Central Europe. Learn more about Ahtel Wines at