Naturewall (, a renowned provider of wood wall panels UK based, continues to satisfy every homeowner by delivering top-notch products. What’s even better, they have a broad selection of wood panels, enabling them to accommodate all home decorating needs.

With their wood wall panels, homeowners can give a traditional look and feel to their space without too much hassle. This is because Naturewall’s products are self-adhesive, so even those with no DIY experience will not have trouble installing them. Following the “peel and stick” process, users just need to peel off the backing paper, press the panels to the wall, and then apply pressure using a roller.

For those interested in their products, among the popular offers is the Reclaimed wood panel.  With several positive consumer reviews, this product makes a good choice for people who want to have a space with a rustic and raw look. Each pack of this item costs £44.99 and contains boards that are 120mm wide and 4.5mm thick. Buyers can opt to have coloured corner trims for a more personalised look.

On the other hand, their Alpine wood panels will remind homeowners of sheer weathered cliffs, frozen lakes, and snow-capped domes. Available for £44.99 too for each pack, customers can start redecorating their space with this stunning one square metre of wood cut into ten mixed length boards. Furthermore, Naturewall also sells the Dolomite wood panels, which are inspired by the golden mountain range of the Italian Alps that will surely make any room look mesmerising.  Aside from being easy to fit, they’re also child and pet-friendly, making them suitable and safe to install in almost any part of the house.

The company reminds all interested parties that the prices mentioned above may change without prior notice. Important details about the appearance of their products must also be noted. According to them, “Naturewall is a 100% natural product, meaning boards may vary slightly in appearance due to the unique grain, texture and raw characteristics of real wood”.

Aside from the items that have been previously described, Naturewall has a lot more wood wall panels to offer. To see the complete range of their products, visit

About Naturewall 

Naturewall has expertly combined the elegance of wood panels and the convenience of ‘peel and stick’ installation process. This company now offers peel and stick wood panels available in various styles and designs which allows for a quick redecoration of interior space. Aside from offering innovative and quality products, they are known for providing wood planks that are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Learn more about this company and its offers by filling out their contact form at You can also reach them by sending an email via or calling 01482 833479.