Healthier Food for Happier Dogs by CDK9 Raw

Find Hygienically Prepared Essential Nutrients you Want for your Pet

Sept. 20, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — CDK9 RAW presents the healthy dog food for puppies, adult or senior dogs of different age group, having different diet type. They provide a huge variety in dog food products which are developed based on industry and veterinary research. They are always focused and eager to help you grow happier and healthier pets through raw, fresh food and education.

Not only with regular dog foods, they also introduce the best dog treats to encourage your pets participate in the training session calmly. They would share a great idea to entertain your pets for hours using the sumptuous yet healthy dog treats which are full of healthy heart fats, vitamin B, E and other nutrients essential for your healthy dog.

By placing your order at CDK9 RAW, you would receive chicken as mentioned on the label of this product whereas some companies pack the mixture of chicken, beef or lamb so you need to be very careful when buying meat from the known or unknown brands.

Here at CDK9 RAW, you can buy human grade ingredients which are vacuum sealed and frozen to keep the freshness alive when served to your pet. The right process and ethically farmed, human grade meats make your pet healthy as the high-quality food makes your dog healthy.

They ensure the freshness of dog food as the vacuum sealing and freezing right after they are made preserves the essential nutrients which seem to be very beneficial for your dog.

About the Company: CDK9 RAW( ) emerge with an idea of understanding the requirement of essential nutrients of your dog. Knowing the importance of eating well in the hustle and bustle, they provide the well-sealed, vacuumed and nutritional food for healthy pets.

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