NARII Foundation conducted an event on  Menstrual Hygiene and awareness programme under the  Project Taboo Of Blood sponsored by HUDCO, at Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya, Ishwar Nagar on 21st April 2018. The event was organised amongst a girl strength of approximately 750 students. The event was different from the normal sanitary napkin distribution process as the NARII team was accompanied with Dr. Gunjan who gave the students a brief introduction about menstruation and resolved the issues the girls of the school are facing. The  project head of NARII Foundation who is a graduate in the field of Biotechnology, with her immense knowledge in the field of biology, ensured the girls could relate to the problems faced and could come up with their problems and questions.  Tanvi Jalan spoke her heart out about her life struggles and motivated the students to have a prosperous career facing the challenges thrown on their way to success. Tanvi Jalan with  NARII PRO Sabiha Shams asked the students their personal problems, promising them to help in every aspect of their life ensuring them that they are a part of NARII Foundation as volunteers and the duo has requested them to share the precious information with their friends and extend our support to them. The students of the school had big dreams of becoming doctors or IAS officers and we were touched by their dreams, which were being hindered by the taboos associated with menstruation due to the age old myths of the society. NARII team guided them and made them understand that menstruation is a natural process and signifies the good health of a woman, and under no circumstances it should be a hindrance to their future.

The event then commenced with the distribution of sanitary napkins to the students along with a small booklet covering the concept of menstruation, when to visit a doctor and the do’s and dont’s while the monthly cycle takes place.  NARII secretary Mr. Saamson Javier along with the  NGO President Mr. Manish Sinha explained the process and importance of sanitary napkin disposal. We were delighted to know that the school has installed electric disposals for sanitary napkins and the students were provided information on how to use the machine.

Amongst some of the aware girls, we called upon a girl on stage who demonstrated the application and usage of sanitary napkins, holding a pad in hand and giving a brief description along with the help of Tanvi Jalan.

Concluding the event Mr. Manish Sinha quoted “This event gave us hopes and a new vision to help the girl child of the society and bring forward a change. The school is in dire need of sanitary napkins which they have stopped receiving from the government, and we request the urban society to come and join us in the cause to create a healthier tomorrow for our not-so-privileged girls.  Our project Taboo of Blood is a menstrual hygiene and awareness programme and we would be obliged receiving help from the society.”