World Heat Cylinders Offers Efficient Thermal Stores And Other Domestic Cylinders

World Heat Cylinders (, one of the leading providers of heating products in the UK, strives to deliver the best thermal stores and cylinders that are suited to various heating demands. These products are ideal for homes looking for an efficient storage unit and source of heat.

By getting a thermal store unit from this store, managing and storing renewable heat is possible, allowing homeowners to use it for a later time. World Heat Cylinders is very familiar with this great aspect of the storage unit, which is why they offer high-quality thermal stores perfect for domestic use.

Their EcoTherm thermal store is a wise option for those who need a unit that can be connected to multiple heat sources. It can be constructed from stainless steel, copper, or mild steel, depending on the clients’ preferences. And to ensure that the unit meets the exact specifications of the user, the company will gladly assist with the design process. According to them, “World Heat Cylinders can assist in the design of our thermal store systems where multiple heat sources may be available, such as biomass, wood burners, heat pumps and a solar thermal ensuring maximum efficiency is always achieved”.

Other valuable products that World Heat Cylinders offers include vented and unvented hot water cylinders, which can help store hot water produced by a boiler. Although this company has a wide range of ready-to-use products, they can also manufacture special cylinders for clients with specific needs. So for cylinders that might need to be in certain dimensions or have unusual tappings, their team can produce products in various shapes, types, and sizes.

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For those who are interested in the products offered by World Heat Cylinders, it is worth taking note that all the items they have designed were properly tested and manufactured following the relevant British and UK Commercial standards. This means that all products are well-designed, efficient, and safe.

For more details about this company and the complete list of their available products today, visit their official website at

About World Heat Cylinders

World Heat Cylinders is a company that provides top-notch hot water cylinders and different heating products at competitive prices. Being part of the World Heat Group, they are proud of the unmatched quality of products they offer by utilising their vast knowledge and expertise when it comes to various electrical and mechanical installations. No matter what your heating requirements are, they have the right products for you as they cater to both commercial and domestic sectors and even provide bespoke units. To learn more about World Heat Cylinders and their offers, you can fill out their contact form at If you have enquiries, you may send an email to or call 0161 343 8610.

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