If you are one of the many who have suffered permanent tooth loss due to injury, decayed teeth, gum disease, or trauma, there is hope for of you! The latest in dental implant trendsetters, all on 4 dental implants have the capacity to change the way you see your dentures or failing teeth, for good! Dr. Sam Khoury offers All on Four Philadelphia PA treatments at his clinic.

To learn everything about all on four your can browse the website of Dr. Sam Khoury at Drsamkhoury.com or still better take an appointment with the eminent periodontist and equip yourself with all on four implants.

What are All On 4 Dental Implants?

All on Four Levittown PA dental implants refer to an advanced dental surgery that uses specifically designed dental implants to provide strong anchors for your replacement teeth. It provides complete replacement for your lost teeth with a fixed and fully customizable dental bridge. In short, this procedure can turn your toothless grin into a beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.

How All on Four Newtown PA Dental Implants are Different from Dentures?

A typical denture will use your soft gum tissue for support, and this predictably results in the denture causing bone loss and becoming unstable and less uncomfortable. Thus denture wearers most often have softer diets with sweetened foods to compensate for less satisfying teeth. The all on four dental implants instead offer a permanent set of teeth that look and feel like your natural ones. They can be brushed like your normal teeth, are stable, fixed and more comfortable than dentures. They provide for a natural biting comfort, and as well prevent the bone deterioration that is routinely seen in people who wear dentures.

Unlike removable dentures that may slip and feel wobbly on your gums, the all on 4 dental implants allow for more natural tooth form. Resulting in no need to avoid certain types of food that require chewing or crunching and this also increases ones confidence.

About Drsamkhoury.com:

Dr. Khoury is a leading Periodontist, has created this online portal in order to add to the convenience to their patients. This is one user friendly and easy to navigate site that is known for providing comprehensive idea about the Dental Implants procedure. Dr Khoury had attended the University of Texas at Houston and acquired the prestigious Pierre Fauchard award for his excellence in Dentistry. He has also obtained the Periodontal Degree and pursued the Advanced Anesthesia training from the Ohio State University.