The kitchen has always been viewed as the heart of any home. Throughout the centuries it has been where food has been lovingly prepared, discussed, and for family to get together. In modern Britain, the kitchen is also viewed as the most valuable room in the house financially, with many households regularly updating their kitchen décor and upgrading kitchen appliances. Knowing where to start when considering a kitchen design upgrade can be mind boggling for some, but with the help of an interior design team worth their salt, and an understanding of some of the latest kitchen design trends, you can create a kitchen that becomes the real heart and soul of any household.

In 2017 there are quite a few kitchen design trends that are on fire. Let’s split them into different uses, beginning with the storage solutions for your kitchen.

Practical Storage Solutions – Every interior designer that has worked on kitchens over the years will tell you that one thing remains constant, the desire to have quality storage solutions for appliances. Having deep and long drawers and cabinets that can hold all sorts of small food appliances and utensils, taking them out of sight, will be requested. The trick is to do so within a pleasing aesthetic that matches the entire kitchen décor.

A Calm Preparation Area – The trend in 2017 for every home kitchen is an area for food preparation that is calm, clean and not cluttered with anything that can distract from the tasks ahead. In terms of interior design this comes about through careful cabinetry, with multiple storage compartments and shelves to cleanly house all spices, oils, paper towels and anything else that would otherwise be on the countertop.

What about the kitchen furniture, surfaces and kitchen textures?

Quartz Worktops – Through 2016 and into this year the number of people ordering quartz worktops has continued to grow. The move from laminate work surfaces to quartz reflects the prevailing mood that quartz is a luxury item in the kitchen that is now that little bit more affordable for the average household, yet has the same impact of leaving an elegant and extravagant impression.

Industrial Aesthetic – The Scandinavian design trend of industrial kitchens has finally hit the big time, with exposed brick, exposed pipes, metal and a minimalist approach to furniture becoming a big part of many a kitchen area. The idea is of a striking balance between an industrial feel and a modern and innovative finish and solution. This minimalist approach lends itself to handle-less kitchen units, with gloss finished, timber effects and natural tones used alongside the raw industrial backdrop.

And as for appliances?

Range Cookers are all the Rage – In terms of dream kitchens the range cooker is what most people would like in their homes. Compared to your traditional home kitchen oven and hob, a range cooker promotes a family approach to cooking, brining everyone together and creating strong emotional attachments to food and family.

If you like the look of these latest kitchen design trends and have been wowed by other London interior design trends in 2017, why not take the plunge and search for an interior design company that offers you everything you ever dreamed of? It can seem difficult to take that leap of faith and make a big change with the design of any aspect of your home, but with professionals on board, those with a proven track record and a charm to build a long-term trusting relationship with, you can build your dream home. The kitchen is the central hub of most homes, and having the right design for you and your needs makes all the difference to create a beating heart for your home.

Content written by Hilary Chandler

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