Entrepreneur Kenneth Choo is launching Mother Industrialist, a new ‘mompreneur’ movement in Singapore. Through this movement, Choo supports a community of mothers who can share ideas and collaborate with each other to “step up and make a change”.

The movement’s vision is to make sure all women feel supported when they go back to work after having a baby. This includes women who wish to establish their own business and women hoping to return to the workforce on their own terms.

Its launch is timely in that it comes in the wake of other empowering female-dominated movements such as #MeToo. The latter has most recently hit headlines after life coach Tony Robbins discussed it with a participant at LA-based motivational event, ‘Unleash the Power Within’.

During the discussion, Mr Robbins suggested that the #MeToo movement is a means for women to “get significance”. He also referenced male acquaintances who are now afraid to hire attractive women as “it’s too big a risk”.

The negative online response to Mr Robbin’s comments and his subsequent apology are indicators that perceptions on women in the workplace are changing.

Choo says, “There is too much macho energy dominating news and politics today. Businesses need a feminine touch.”

I believe mothers are the next big economy driver. They are filled with love, compassion and a desire to create a better world for their children. I hope this movement helps to nurture those feelings. We want to show new mothers what is possible when it comes to business, while equally demonstrating the importance of self-care and self-love in all aspects of life.

Choo hopes Mother Industrialist will also go some way towards tackling Singapore’s baby shortage. Fertility rates dropped to 1.16 last year, the second lowest figure ever recorded since 1960.

Reports suggest costs, time commitments and the need to work are factors that influence Singaporean couples’ decisions on whether to have children. Mother Industrialist aims to demonstrate to both women and men that it is possible to have children without sacrificing all their money, time or career opportunities.


About Kenneth Choo

Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur and founder of KC Creative Marketing Pte. Ltd., a media marketing agency. He has several years of sales and marketing experience in the parenting industry.He recently released his book Mother Industrialist: Perfecting the Balance of Motherhood and Business Success, which aims to help more mothers achieve financial freedom. The book centres around the ‘three Ps’ (passion, purpose and profit), a philosophy that readers can follow to turn a hobby into a profitable business. The book also contains several real-life stories to give readers an insight into how other local mothers are successfully working towards their goals.


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