Kase And Company, Inc. was founded by Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA in 1992, and since then has provided highly reliable weekly energy market forecasts to traders and investors of the volatile energy markets. The forecasts use technical analysis and are very effective in helping market participants mitigate trade risks posed by the fluctuations in the prices of energy commodities including natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, and diesel.

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Kase & Company INC., Offers Highly Accurate Commentaries for Energy Markets

The Kase Commentaries on Crude Oil and Natural Gas offer highly accurate near term outlooks for natural gas, and WTI & Brent crude oil prices, and also feature exact targets, probable direction, the strength of direction, and the odds of meeting each target. The weekly market analysis is delivered each Sunday and covers the near term outlook for the next week or so. Daily updates are also delivered during the week that covers the outlook for the next couple of days. The Kase commentaries contain analysis to help subscribers identify key market turning points and probable market behavior.

The analysis’main focus is the key technical factors that impact the prices of crude oil and natural gas and other petroleum products. The commentaries are highly technical, but anyone from a novice to a market veteran can read and understand it easily.

Kase Weekly Forecast Offers Key Information

Kase offers weekly energy forecasts that contain valuable and key information pertaining to whether the market is going up or down, but also if it is in a sideways corrective phase. By using this important information, market traders, investors, buyers and sellers, marketers, and energy risk managers can make better judgment and more informed decisions.

Apart from that, by following the Kase energy market forecasts, traders and investors can time entries, place stops, and exit trades in a timely manner. So, the weekly energy forecasts by Kase & Company, Inc., allow for faster and highly accurate decisions, and in turn, help minimize losses and maximize profits.

Kase Technical Analysis Reveal Critical Factors about Price Action

Kase & Company, Inc’s weekly energy forecasts, and commentaries, and Kase’s trading indicator packages Kase StatWare and KaseX reveal various factors on price action that a trader or investor will want to know. The charts contain key information such as are prices trending, neutral, bullish, bearish, which are very helpful for a trader in planning their moves. Furthermore, the statistically driven analysis enables a trader to maximize profits or bring down their average buying cost.

Kase energy market forecasts are based on the technical analysis so help identify the price movement and its strength of the trend. So, a person following the technical analysis and the charts can make a better judgment on the probable direction of the market.

About Kase and Company, Inc.

Kase And Company, Inc., provides a large range of subscription-based services for energy traders, producers, consumers, and investors that include, weekly energy forecasts on crude oil and natural gas, technical trading indicators, risk management assessments, policies and procedures, computer-based hedge timing models, and customized support. The company’s weekly natural gas forecast, crude oil forecast, and Kase commentaries provide highly accurate near term outlooks on WTI, Brent, RBOB Gasoline, and Diesel prices. Kase’s other services include subscription-based risk management education and software, including technical analysis education. The energy forecast by Kase can be used by amateurs and professionals to help mitigate their risks and beat volatility.