Kase and Company, Inc. publishes technical analysis based forecasts of the energy markets on a weekly basis, which are highly accurate outlooks for natural gas, WTI and Brent crude oil, gasoline, and diesel commodity prices. For companies who produce or consume natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, and petroleum products in bulk quantities, these energy price forecasts offer an effective solution to beat volatility and mitigate risk. The forecasts include exact targets, probable direction, and the odds of meeting each target, which can further facilitate sound trading decisions to be made.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 22 February 2019 – Beating volatility and mitigate some of the risks posed by sudden fluctuations in prices are two primary objectives of energy market traders, investors, as well as risk managers. For this purpose, the weekly crude oil forecast & natural gas forecast, published by Kase is a reliable source of information because it helps to anticipate market behavior.

The forecasts along with the charts are updated daily and thus provide updated information to help gauge market direction and strength and know where key support and resistance levels are. Moreover, this highly reliable source of information enables traders and energy risk managers in making realistic and educated trade decisions that lead to beating volatility and mitigating trade risks. In this way, the Kase energy price forecast, proves an effective solution to maximize profits and minimize losses.

Kase Technical Analysis Helps Mitigate Risks

The Kase technical analysis offers a 10-day outlook based on Kase’s technical forecasting models and trading indicators – KaseX and Kase StatWare that assist traders in timing their trades in the market. Using the information that is contained in the Kase technical analysis based natural gas and crude oil forecast, traders and the energy risk managers can better understand what is happening in the energy markets so they can plan their trades and hedges.

Likewise, the weekly forecasts and daily updates made by Kase effectively help mitigate risks posed by fluctuations in the prices of energy commodities including natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, and diesel.

Since the Kase technical analysis including natural gas technical analysis and crude oil, analysis involve mathematics, charts, and statistics it offers real data on key support and resistance levels. Thus, the information provided in Kase’s forecasts is highly reliable for timing trade entries and exits, managing risks, and maximizing profits.

About Kase and Company, Inc.

Kase and Company, Inc. is a leading hedging and trading solutions company focusing their services on the corporate and institutional energy sector. Kase offers a wide range of support services such as rigorously tested Internet-based hedging models and hedging analytics including Monte Carlo simulations, basis and calendar spread analysis, weekly forecasts on crude and gas, VaR, risk limit and credit risk analysis, specifically for use by producers, consumers, and marketers of oil, natural gas, petroleum products and liquids. In addition, Kase offers statistically based StatWare charts and analytics for traders in all types of markets, including equities, FOREX, fixed income, and spreads. Kase’s services also include ongoing market support, and training on subjects such as hedging, risk management, technical trading, and forecasting.