Five Reasons to Develop SOP’s for Jewelry Business

SOPs for Jewelry Business is able to Provide Safety, Cooperative, and Secure Working Environment

PUNE, India – Aug. 21, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE– An organization is not an involvement of an individual; it is a group of people who are performing a number of different functions in their respective department. Whether the entire departments are working in the different field; still it is needed to establish harmonization and cooperation among them. Because all department of an organization is working towards the same goal, In order to develop communication amount the department of the organization, there is a technique of standard operating procedure. SOPs explains why, what, which and where of each query.


1. SAFETY AND SECURITY; jewelry store has more chances of any kind of theft and robberies. In order to avoid any kind of miss happening with jewelry business, it is advisable to follow SOPs. The most difficult and vulnerable time faced by the employee of a jewelry store while opening and closing a store. There is a specific process to follow such as after closing of a store different route to home should be chosen. While an employee is making jewelry available for the display, other employees should make ensure that there will be no entry of anon-employee individual. The employee should change the timing of lunch break and all other activities which involve payment deposits in the bank. With the help of SOPs, there will always be standardization in the procedure and that can be beneficial for the jewelry business.

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2. INVENTORY CONTROL; jewelry business involves a number of small and loose pieces of jewelry, stones, and other valuable items. In order to avoid any kind of mishap and misplacement of these pieces to be avoided, all the concerned employee should need to follow SOPs while opening new stock of jewelry, while keeping old stock and also while placing jewelry for the display purpose. There should be the same style of displaying jewelry to be followed. While any new stock is opening for the customer then there should be a proper entry in the inventory control register. There should be a regular double check of inventory register by a professional .while closing the inventory; key should be handed to the concerned person in order to avoid any kind of wrong use of that key in inventory.

3. SUPPLY CHAIN EFFICIENCY; there is a number of individual who are associated in a jewelry business of a particular company. In order to create hurdle free and barrier less communication and exchange of gold, diamond, pearls, and stone, there is need to follow SOPs in a true sense. The process starts with the designs of any jewelry piece which leads to manufacturing department and after that comes in an area of displaying and selling. Apart from this, there is also a common supply chain in every business which also need to follow, planning, procurement and sourcing, optimization of inventory, management of warehouse, logistic distribution department, and transportation.

4. MULTIPLE CHAIN; in order to expand the business, there is a strategy of opening multiple chains. Whether the location and employee working in those chains of jewelry business are different, still there is need to have SOPs in order to optimize the control over all other chains. Management of SOPs will help in avoiding the wastage of any kind of companies resource and able to create a smooth working environment. Apart from this same techniques and procedures in all the chain will be a great help at the time of evaluation.

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5. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT; if a right person is not available at the right time in order to perform its duty, there will be a great problem for a company. In order to make the entire employee associated with the company knows about their role, there is need to have SOPs (… ).


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