Global brand leader Invacare has refreshed its TDX SP2 powerchair base making it even more desirable – thanks to its new sleek design.

WITTERSWIL, Switzerland – Aug. 25, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — The renowned base with its minimalist black bodywork has been further enhanced with an optional single sided fork. With no protruding screws or fork parts, it not only makes the chair look more appealing but also minimises the front width of the base.

What further complements the TDX SP2 is its new black non-marking tyres and casters along with its black rim, giving this already exceptional chair a more sophisticated appearance.

And finally, the TDX SP2 wouldn’t be a perfect fit for a user’s lifestyle if it didn’t come with a range of individual colour finishes. Shrouds come in a choice of ten colours that are both neutral and vibrant, with 10 attractive rim inserts also available. That’s 100 colour combinations in total!

Did you know the TDX SP2 is compatible with LiNX Smart Technology?

LiNX, Invacare’s insight inspired powerchair control system, caters for both the user and the professional through its superb driving experience and its quick and intuitive programming feature. LiNX also offers a range of remote options, including a selection of specialist controls for those who are unable to use a standard joystick. Revolutionising the powerchair industry, the REM400 remote brings technology we all associate with smartphones and tablets to powerchairs.

To find out more about Invacare LiNX, please visit our site.

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Samantha Hatchett