HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Nov. 15, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — The first ever “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union” International Press Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

The inaugural press conference for the multi-national media conglomerate “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union(BRF-TGU)” and its subsidiaries “Hollywood Tribute® Malaysia” and “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union South-East Asia” will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established between Executive Directors Don Cho and Pan Ziming, the newly christened “BRF-TGU” organization aims to establish a worldwide network for the film and tv industries with 52 cities from China already having joined and cities from Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, USA, England, Spain, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan soon to follow. Direct access and localized logistics planning to movie/tv productions, major film awards such as Oscars Academy Awards, media education institutions, and international & local film/tv/music/fashion events and festivals in each participating nations will become the reality under this network.

This also marks the establishment of the first branch of “BRF-TGU”, “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union South-East Asia” which will serve as the hub to the South-East Asia region and is helmed by the appointed Chairman, Albert Foong. As the Executive Director of “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union” and the Executive Producer of “Hollywood Tribute®”, Don Cho will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Albert Foong and recognize his appointment as the Chairman of “Hollywood Tribute® Malaysia” and the Chairman of “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union – South-East Asia”.

Also of note, Hollywood Tribute® Executive Producer Don Cho will be promoting the film “C144” at the event which is being produced by Producer Aaron Lim of Redboy Production. The film is based on an internationally syndicated true story where an expedition crew sets out to find a long lost World War 2 era American plane in the Malaysian jungle. Aaron Lim has also been appointed by Executive Producer Don Cho as the Producer for “Hollywood Tribute® Malaysia” and the film will be promoted through “Hollywood Tribute®” for global exposure. This strategic move follows in the wake of Malaysia’s potential for strong growth and position in the global market. Lastly, the Official Conference of “Belt & Road Film and TV Global Union South-East Asia” and “Hollywood Tribute® Malaysia” is planned to be held in January 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with attendance from Hollywood movie stars, directors, producers, and more celebrities from nations around the world including China, USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, England, Thailand, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, Macau, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Singapore, Indonesia, and other soon-to-be announced nations.

Hollywood Tribute®

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