How Insurance Platforms can Accelerate New Digital Insurance Ecosystem


Ancileo Insurance software-as-a-Service gives you secure, reliable, plug-and-play, and customized solutions for insurers, brokers, reinsurers, as well as affinity partners. Get in touch with Ancileo for the best digital insurance distribution for a 360-degree insurance technology solution.

Ancileo provides a bespoke solution for an insurance provider who is looking for scalable, as well as, flexible integrations to efficiently sell their insurance policy just like selling clothes, shoes, books, and flight tickets. Ancileo removes complexities of acquiring and selling of insurance policy.

Ancileo has been forging ecosystem partnerships with companies who typically need insurance as their primary offering. Many insurance companies and agents are already benefiting from our digital insurance partnership.

Through Ancileo, agents can now easily share any kinds of insurance solution to their clients with only a few clicks. This in return will not only help you to achieve revenue, but will also help tons of people to find their dream home, pay for their massive medical bills, travel anywhere in the world without any fear, and also protect them from all kinds of risks.

Why Ancileo?

•    Ancileo takes away the painful administrative work away. Our platform lets you use our software easily. You can personalize your products and services according to your will. Our software is flexible and adapts features according to consumer behavior and their current needs.

•    For business, our insurance agent software can help you reap the rewards too. Our platform is your one-stop platform-as-a-service delivery models which are enabled with a plug-and-play feature, let you scale up and boosts your sale within a short time.

•    The turnkey solution that our Ancileo software provides enables you to ignore all the challenges and the costs involved while partnering with traditional brokers.

•    With Ancileo, your entire team of sales, finance, underwriting, and more, can easily use the policy management feature to gain insight about your performance. It has built-in customized features and makes reporting easy.

•    Improve customer satisfaction with quick and faster claims settlement. With machine learning and AI, customers can now quickly get their preferred insurance policy and agents can help them get the insurance policy within just a few clicks. This way, both are in a win-win situation.

Every person needs some insurance policy. Probably they are booking a trip to a new country; they want to rent a car or get their medical bill covered, insurance policy always keeps them covered and protected. Help your customers to get more and let the agents sell more.

Digital disruption + insurance distribution = b2b2c partnership

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