Innovative Biotech Company Has Developed | Breakthrough Medication for Prostate Cancer

Can cancer become a manageable disease?

There are over 2000 new formulations being developed in the field of immuno-oncology. Immuno-oncology is a class of drugs that are designed to help a patient’s own immune system fight cancer cells. They are often paired with standard cancer medications in an effort to reduce the debilitating side effects common to all cancer therapies.

There is a new formulation that has recently completed phase II trials that may finally deliver on the promise of immuno-therapy. Numerous studies have demonstrated that Aneustat has been shown to kill and/or inhibit cancer cells as a stand-alone therapy. This fact alone is unique in that almost all other new immuno-oncology drugs will only work when paired with an existing chemotherapy, but what really sets it apart is that it is non-toxic. This means that it has no safety risks and virtually no side effects.  No other known cancer drug has conducted studies that have had a similar result.

They are currently preparing for phase III trials for approval as a treatment for prostate cancer. Currently, the only options for prosate cancer are either surgical or comprised of radioactive seeding or chemotherapy. The side effects of these options include impotence, hair loss, nausea, pain, weight loss and insomnia. This is in addition to the safety risks associated with chemotherapy.

Oftentimes people may be cured of cancer only to die of a condition that is caused by chemotherapy, such as a subsequent heart attack. This is because of the way all existing cancer therapies work; they try to create and environment where a cancer call can’t live, but that also means creating an environment that damages many other organs or anatomical systems.

Additionally, even immuno-therapies, that are specifically designed to limit side effects can often present rashes, fever, thyroid problems, drops in blood pressure, colitis and fatique. Anuestat is also an immuno-therapy, but due to it being non-toxic it does not induce anything beyond, perhaps, mild gastric upset, which has been reported to be no more that experienced by someone taking a nutritional supplement.

In addition to Aneustat working as a stand-alone therapy, much like other immuno-therapies, It can be paired with other traditional cancer medications as a combination therapy, but unlike other new formulations it can paired with not one, but a number of existing standard of care therapies. Pre-clinical data indicates that Anuestat is effective when paired with docataxel, abiraterone, enzalutamide, apalutamide and bicalutamide for all stages of prostate cancer. The outcome is that it improved efficacy, while mitigating many or the horrific side effects associated with those drugs.

Aneustat is already conducting studies for many other cancers and should soon be recognized as a true breakthrough technology that finally delivers on the promise of immuno-therapy; cancer treatment without safety risks or side effects.

It has already drawn the attention of numerous hospital and university-related research facilities, in addition to entities responsible for providing oncology care. The fact that Aneustat will be relatively affordable and will be available in oral form is an attractive option when compared to currently available therapies.