Flash Concrete offers Acid Stain –Popular Application for Unique Outcomes

The team at Flash Concrete provides breathtaking designs in concrete because the versatility of concrete allows anything of your choice to be etched into the surface of the concrete. You can have your company’s logo, or your name etched into the entry way of your home or business. You can select any design of your choice to enhance your homes decor.

Acid stain concrete offers your surface a look similar to weathered stone, slate or marble. Since it is a permanent part of the surface it does not chip, flake or peel. Staining concrete is one of the most popular applications provided at Flash concrete for transforming dull, gray, concrete slabs into a work of art. Many homeowners, designers and builders prefer stained concrete services at Flash Concrete because of the unique outcome that is achieved by the Flash Team by combining colors, and techniques on concrete floors.

Additional options offered by Flash Concrete for the flooring systems are concrete driveway with stamped concrete a process of stamping freshly poured concrete with pre-made rubber forms leaves the surface with a texture that resembles natural stone. There are several surfaces to choose from at Flash Concrete.

If you are interested in Concrete Showroom for your business Flash Concrete will surprise you with decorative concrete where endless amount of colors can added to the concrete to match your already existing decor. Experts at Flash Concrete provide acid staining which is used to enhance the color of the concrete itself, or highlight certain areas to make the final product resemble a wide variety of natural stones.

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About Flash Concrete:

Located at Main North Road, Christchurch, New Zealand, Flash Concrete has over 30 years of experience in the concrete repair and decorative concrete industry. With a team of experienced, proficient and dedicated professionals Flash Concrete specializes in concrete repair, resurfacing, earthquake damaged concrete and decorative concrete.

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