Laser Tag 4 Hire ( a company that offers laser tag hire services, aims to make outdoor activities much more fun by supplying high-tech laser tag equipment for action-packed games. With the help of this company, hiring such equipment won’t be a hassle anyomore, and delivering fun for all won’t come at a high price.

Laser tag is a shooting game played with guns that fire infrared beams, a thrilling activity that’s quite popular to a wide range of ages. So whether it’s for a holiday camp, family weekend, or birthday party, Laser Tag 4 Hire can provide suitable equipment for every need there is.

For interested parties, it’s worth noting that one of the best packages from this company is the Awesome Party Box. Available for £230, this includes 10 Black Cobras which are best for kids as they have built-in red dot sight and display on the back of the gun. This model of party phaser is compact and made from polycarbonate, making it easy to carry around. For additional five Black Cobras, the company will charge another £115.

Meanwhile, for ages eight and up, the Ultimate Party Box package is recommended. Similar to the first package, it has 10 Black Cobras but with an additional red dot sight and display on the back. The Ultimate Party Box can be availed for £260, and for additional five phasers, another £145 will be charged. Please take note that all of the prices mentioned may change without prior notice.

Regardless of the availed package, Laser Tag 4 Hire will provide the phasers complete with headbands to easily distinguish the competing teams. When these phasers are set on ‘’easy mode”, they will automatically reload once all the rounds have been used. A user guide will also be provided should the players want to customise the features of the laser guns.

To ensure that all clients will get excellent value from their money, Laser Tag 4 Hire revealed that their equipment is 100% weather-resistant, portable and tough. According to them, “Our laser tag phasers are the perfect balance between innovative battle technology and practical gaming experience to produce the most robust, most widely used commercial outdoor laser tag phasers in the world today. That, of course, means that your players will have the most fun possible”!

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About Laser Tag 4 Hire

Laser Tag 4 Hire is a company that specialises in providing high-quality and durable laser tag equipment. Suitable for parties, team building events, and other outdoor activities, their laser phasers will allow you to play different games including VIP and Capture the Flag. Take a closer look at the equipment they have for hire by visiting their website at Should you have enquiries, you may call on 0208 707 7411 or send an email at