How to Inhale Vape: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Inhale Vape

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the years, as it is seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. However, for beginners, it can be challenging to know how to inhale vape properly. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to inhale vape, the types of inhaling techniques, and some tips for an optimal vaping experience.

Understanding Vaping

Before we dive into how to inhale vape, it’s essential to understand what vaping is. Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor produced by an e-cigarette, vaporizer, or similar device. The vapor is produced by heating a liquid known as e-juice or e-liquid, which typically contains nicotine, flavorings, and other additives.

Types of Inhaling Techniques

There are two main types of inhaling techniques: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). Both techniques have their benefits, and it depends on personal preference which one you choose.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)

MTL is the most common inhaling technique used by smokers and beginners. This technique involves taking a draw of vapor into your mouth, holding it for a few seconds, then inhaling it into your lungs. MTL inhales are usually less intense and provide a more subtle flavor.

Direct-to-Lung (DTL)

DTL is a more advanced inhaling technique that involves taking a direct inhale into your lungs without holding the vapor in your mouth first. This technique produces thicker vapor clouds and provides a more intense flavor.

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Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Inhale Vape

  1. Start by priming your vape device by filling the tank with e-juice and allowing it to sit for a few minutes to saturate the wick.
  2. Turn on your device by pressing the power button.
  3. Take a slow, steady draw of vapor into your mouth using the MTL technique.
  4. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds to allow it to cool down and absorb the flavor.
  5. Inhale the vapor into your lungs.
  6. Exhale the vapor slowly.

Tips for an Optimal Vaping Experience

  1. Start with a lower nicotine level if you are new to vaping to avoid feeling lightheaded or nauseous.
  2. Experiment with different flavors to find the one that suits your taste buds.
  3. Take a break between vaping sessions to avoid overusing your device and potentially damaging it.
  4. Clean your device regularly to ensure it functions properly and to prevent any buildup of residue.
  5. Stay hydrated while vaping to avoid dehydration.


In conclusion, inhaling vape is a simple process that requires a bit of practice. Understanding the different inhaling techniques and following the step-by-step instructions can help you inhale vape like a pro. Remember to experiment with different flavors, stay hydrated, and take care of your device for an optimal vaping experience.


  1. Is vaping safer than smoking?

Vaping is considered safer than smoking as it does not produce tar and other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. However, vaping still contains nicotine, which is addictive and can have negative health effects.

  1. How do I know when it’s time to replace my vape coil?
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You will know it’s time to replace your vape coil when you notice a burnt taste, decreased vapor production, or a change in flavor.

  1. Can I use my vape device while charging?

It is not recommended to use your vape device while charging, as it can potentially damage the battery and the device itself.

  1. Can I refill my vape tank with any e-juice?

It is important to use e-juices that are specifically designed for your vape device. Using the wrong e-juice can potentially damage your device or result in a poor vaping experience.

  1. How often should I clean my vape device?

It is recommended to clean your vape device every 1-2 weeks, depending on how frequently you use it. Regular cleaning can help improve the flavor and prevent any buildup of residue.

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