Harmonic Escapes (www.harmonicescapes.com) is happy to offer yoga retreat Ibiza packages that will showcase the stunning surrounds of the magical island. This provider aims to give a fun and relaxing journey of transformation and balance to its participants, along with new challenges and adventures towards self-empowerment.

Harmonic Escapes is proud of their yoga retreat packages that help people make space from their hectic lives. With such retreats, participants will be able to reflect and feel empowered, as well as achieve the balance between being active, busy, and free. That said, this provider is passionate about delivering dynamic yoga retreats to improve wellbeing. According to Cynthia Micallef, founder of Harmonic Escapes, “My passion for wellbeing, yoga and nutrition led me to create Harmonic Escapes, with the aim of providing unforgettable Ibiza retreats. Together we will explore Ibiza’s beautiful beaches and magical sunsets, enjoying fun and laughter in a relaxed setting. I promise you a transformational experience with moments of bliss, enlightenment, clarity, gratitude, creativity and, most importantly, a profound sense of feeling alive”.

Harmonic Escapes provides an Active Yoga Retreat, which is a great way to feel more empowered and alive to conquer everyday life. This retreat includes challenging and fun sessions and activities like various kinds of yoga, meditation, ocean swim, and stand-up paddle boarding tours. Aside from this, a Walking & Yoga Retreat is also available. For this retreat, participants will experience morning and evening yoga, immersive crystal healing sound baths, and a series of enjoyable and interesting walks to various destinations.

Besides these fun activities and sessions, participants will also be nourished with delicious, healthy, and plant-based cuisines. The fresh seasonal ingredients are directly sourced from local farms. Moreover, the food will be prepared and cooked by an experienced chef who specialised in catering to a variety of dietary requirements.

The retreats offered by Harmonic Escapes can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests, ensuring a small group setting. With that, this provider can adapt and customise the classes to all levels of yoga experience, ensuring that the participants will receive individual attention throughout the retreats.

For those interested in joining their yoga retreats, kindly head over to Harmonic Escapes’ official website at www.harmonicescapes.com.

About Harmonic Escapes

Harmonic Escapes specialises in providing Ibiza yoga retreats that consist of fun sessions and activities. Their team of locally-based holistic therapists, yoga teachers, activity guides, and other professionals can help participants have an unforgettable Ibiza retreat. If you are planning to book a yoga retreat from them, there are several ways for you to contact this provider. You can either call +44 207 183 1545 or send an email via hello@harmonicescapes.com. Alternatively, you can simply fill out the contact form on their website at www.harmonicescapes.com/contact.