BANGALORE, India – Jan. 11, 2018 – ANEWSWIRE – When trying to choose the window or door curtains for the home, sometimes it becomes hard to narrow down the search. The colour, style and design all play a great role in confusing. So before finalising curtains and drapes for the home, think about the functionality. This is because living room curtains, kitchen curtains, bedroom curtains and bathroom curtains are the pieces which set the tone of the home. They apart from providing dimension, colour and texture to space provides the room privacy and insulation.

Here are few quick tips that will help you to choose the right window shades.

1. Look for the fabric: The first and the foremost factor that you should consider while buying curtains on sale is fabric. This is because material plays a great role in the look of window curtains and consequently, the room. From sheer curtains to lightweight cotton, brocade to velvet curtains, there are plenty of options to choose from. Also, you should consider these two factors while picking your curtain fabric:

How much sunlight you want streaming in.

The mood and decor of the room.

2. Consider the Colour: Choose the colours of the curtains in a way that they should sync with the rest of furnishing. You can opt for the ones that harmonize with the decor or contrast with it. For a beatific look, choose curtains in a colour that complements well the shade of the walls. Alternatively, if you want your home curtains to be the focus, pick the hue that contrasts with the walls and furniture pieces.

3. Measure the Width: The width of the door or window curtains depends upon the width of the molding of the window pane or door. One way to find out the right width curtain is to measure the frame and multiply it by a factor of 2 or 2.5. The extra fabric will help accomplish the gathered look on the sides when drapes or curtains are gathered back.

4. Look for Prints or Solids: Choosing right print or solid colour curtain depends upon the decor of the space too. If you have soft furnishing in the room having a solid colour, then go for printed curtains. The opposite holds true as well. Always keep in mind that prints add visual weight to any element. So pair printed curtains with solid coloured furniture units and accessorised them with printed cushions, area rugs and likes. You could use quirky prints and geometric patterns with contemporary style space, while florals would suit modern classic and traditional decor.

5. Consider the length: White curtains, pink curtains, red curtains, lace curtains and likes that fall exactly at the floor level are in trend. But if you want to give your space a more dramatic look, opt for the ones that are longer by few inches. On the contrary, if you have kids, then it is better to opt for the ones that are shorter in length. Ending the curtains at the sill for smaller windows is yet another classic option, but full-length drapes could work equally well.

6. Lining: This factor decides the functionality of the curtains that you have chosen. If planning to place the curtains on a window that receive direct sunlight, then a protective lining can make it more opaque and last longer. Also one sheer and one lining can give you the flexibility to choose the amount of lighting and privacy you want. But make sure you choose the lining wisely because it makes drapes and curtains heavier.

So, therefore, consider these factors before buying beautiful, colourful and stylish curtains online.

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Summary : Thinking to bring a sense of relaxation to the interiors? Then decorate the windows and doors with printed or solid coloured curtains. These colourful printed fabrics not only make the room appear attractive but if chosen correctly provides the space with a privacy and appropriate light.

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