DYD Groundwork LTD provides groundwork services that are essential before building a residential, commercial or industrial space because they represent the solid base of the building.

Groundworks are very important because:

  • they provide a strong and durable base for any building
  • it creates the main structure of the building
  • allowing to create a proper draining system

Our team has over 10 years of experience in the groundwork field, always ready and eager to help you with all your groundwork needs. We use the latest technology on our equipment so the speed and quality of the project is satisfactory.

  1. Groundwork – Digging

One of the main parts of groundwork is digging. We can do it either by hand or with the help of our modern digging equipment. We always ensure that we secure the area we work, by placing fences and signals for pedestrians and vehicles! When it comes to groundwork services in London, digging out the foundation trenches is more easily done with machinery where you can get the digger onto the building site. If you need to dig and remove concrete and stones by hand we can help you with all necessary! Most modern foundations in the UK are now made of concrete which offers a stable and strong solution to ensuring your building is on a solid footing.

  • Groundwork – Formation Level

Formation Level is the deepest point of excavation, the starting level, usually expressed as depth below ground level, for the construction of a structure. DYD Groundwork LTD can help you with all stages that you may need in your future project. Our qualified team is more than happy to start your groundwork project as soon as possible, giving you the right information that you may need.

Our team members at DYD Groundwork Ltd provide competitive groundwork services covering infrastructure, substructure, foundations, drainage and external works. We are fully equipped to provide groundwork solutions and groundwork services across the London area.