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BANBURY, England – Sept. 9, 2017 – ANEWSWIRE — Feeding your animals in the right way is very necessary. There are some animals which are fed with a bucket or bottle as well as nipple until they are properly weaned. Raising bucket calves is surely a great option for young children who are interested in caring for livestock.

A Little Detail About Bucket Calves

For the first few days, newborn calf is usually fed colostrums for the first few days. The milk is produced by mother cow and there are antibodies which the calf needs. There are dairy farmers which will just keep the calf until it has had the colostrums from the mother. This certainly may be just for the first few days of the life.

These bucket calves are certainly from dairy stock as dairy farmers needs to put the cow right back into production as she is no longer produces colostrums. The calf cannot nurse the cow and they must have different food source. In some other cases, the bucket calves are from beef cows. In most cases, mother cannot feed the calf for certain reason. The reason may be that the mother is sick or maybe has died or simply cannot produce milk for feeding her young.

Rearing The Cow In The Proper Way

If you are choosing a calf feeding bucket to buy, then you can either go to dairy farm or livestock sale barn. There are most dairies which will sell bucket calves and never let them go until they have had at least three days of colostrums. This is best for the calf and for the new owner.

Try making your calf from sale barn suck your fingers as it will be good sign of a healthy calf. Making yellow manure may be the signs of scours and can be deadly for young calf. If the eyes are runny, the rear ends wet with ears drooping then please do not take the calf.

By the time one can take the calf home, the experienced dairy farmer will have seen the problems and is have a good idea if the calf is healthy. There may be future problems with the calves but try avoiding one which is sick already.

Feeding Procedure

Try feeding your calf two bottles a day. During the first time, it will drink half a bottle at each feeding but will increase to full feedings. Follow the instructions of the milk replacer sack. As the calf gets to be two months old, it will cut right into the dry part of the milk to water till he is drinking water. This should take about the week. Keep water, grain and hay in the front of the calf at all times.

Where to Buy

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