Should I Hire a Contractor or a Handyman?

You can also Hire a Virtual Employee to outsource your IT-related work.

Should I Hire a Contractor or a Handyman? It depends on In terms of skill. A remodeling contractor and a handyman are practically the same things. The quantity and breadth of the work performed by a remodeling professional and a handyman generally vary.

We’ve outlined the major distinctions between a handyperson and a general contractor, as well as which professional is most suited for particular projects. Before hiring someone, it is critical to compare bids, verify qualifications, and obtain a cost-specific contract. When you employ the proper expert, they will do the work correctly while saving both time and money.

What Does a Contractor Do?

As the name indicates, a handyman is someone who can do a variety of jobs around the house. The individual typically lacks official credentials or licenses but possesses particular abilities to undertake different repair and maintenance jobs.

In Florida, most handyman activities, such as door and window repair, cabinet installation, simple yard maintenance, paneling, painting, and small appliance repair, do not require a license. Nonetheless, any construction, wiring, or plumbing work necessitates the acquisition of a provincial contractor.

What Does a Handyman Do?

Contractors come in various shapes and sizes, but they are all trained, licensed, and experienced. They frequently hold licenses for certain professions and abilities, such as plumbing and HVAC, and building. Large construction projects, such as significant renovations and big redesigns, are handled by contractors. They can renovate your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, add a room or story to your house, and offer more handyman service in the USA.

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How Do You Choose Between a Handyman and a Contractor?

A handyman should not call in to do a contractor’s job, and a contractor should not call in to do a handyman’s job. Fortunately, you may use these questions to evaluate whether you should employ a handyman or a contractor.

What is the Project Plan and Size?

The scope and scale of a project might assist you in choosing who to hire. A handyman can help with minor repairs around the house. Consider unclogging plumbing, painting a deck, or putting in a washing machine. Large tasks that need specialized crafts, on the other hand, are better left to contractors. Consider creating a deck, adding a room, or setting up a new kitchen.

Is It Necessary to Have Specialized Skills for the Job?

A handyman is a generalist who can handle a wide range of chores, whereas a contractor is a specialist who does specialized jobs. A certified contractor is required to renovate your kitchen, but a handyman can repair a leaking faucet. A professional is not necessary to paint pictures in the sitting room or fix a railing, but one is required to undertake large home renovation jobs.

Is a Building Permit Required?

Large construction projects need the acquisition of planning permission from the appropriate authorities. Consider employing a qualified contractor if your job requires a permit. A contractor can assist you in obtaining the necessary permissions.

How to Find a General Contractor or Handyperson

When you establish whether you need a handyman or a contractor, it’s an intelligent option to gather at least three distinct options before making a selection. Word-of-mouth is among your most acceptable alternatives here, so check around and gather some names from individuals you trust. You may also locate well-reviewed professionals by looking through internet directories or conducting a basic search.

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Tips For Hiring A Handyman Or Contractor

Interview numerous prospects before making a hiring decision. Choose a handyman with whom you are comfortable because you will be working closely with them around the house. Be careful of any handyman or contractor that demands payment in full before beginning work. Request a formal agreement outlining the job, the cost, and the payment plan, as well as a written guarantee.

When choosing a contractor, do your research, especially if the job will cost too much money. Home renovation experts recommend getting at least three offers. Since some contractors charge up the cost of goods, you will wish to call the vendor to learn the value of materials to assess whether the contractor was appropriate.

It’s also crucial to consider how long the builder would take to keep coming up with the estimate. If they claim, they’ll get something to you. But you don’t get it until a long time. It might be a reflection of how well they’ll do the work.


The duties of a handyman and a licensed contractor are distinct. Hiring a handyman is a low-cost option. You also save time and effort. Hiring a contractor provides you with professional training and skills, extensive industry experience, and adherence to construction standards and regulations.

When choosing a contractor or handyman, carefully read their reviews. Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, and other review sites provide handyman and contractor reviews. People will provide positive feedback if they perform good work. You don’t want to employ someone to conduct work on your property who frequently receives negative feedback.

You can also Hire a Virtual Employee to outsource your IT-related work.

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