Navigating the New Normal: Normalizing Pandemic Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 backed so many of us into a corner. In a literal sense, many people did feel “trapped” and helpless during self-isolation, fueled by a fear of the unknown. It can seem that one ray of light brings just enough complexity — like variants and relaxed state mandates — to keep us in our own states of confusion.

In the plus column, we are discovering many things about ourselves and others that can serve us well in post-pandemic life. Employers have learned they can trust employees to meet their work obligations at home. Making time for family and self-care activities isn’t as hard as we perhaps once thought, and far more rewarding than we ever imagined. For some, increased introspection may lead to bold actions, like changing careers or leaping into entrepreneurship — there are a lot of inspirational stories on ANEWSWIRE. Navigating our new normal can sometimes lead to a surprising recalculation of our priorities.

The winding road to work

How employees approach working from home varies by individual. For some, it’s an exercise in self-discipline. It can be challenging to free yourself from distractions, particularly with other household members present or if children are also struggling with virtual learning. Household chores may be vying for your attention that makes work motivation difficult. For some, it’s difficult to “unplug” from a home office, extending your work life into what should be personal or family time.

If you lost your job due to the pandemic, you now have an employment search on your plate. While seemingly impossible at first in the wake of so many temporary and permanent business closures, the pandemic also has companies scrambling to find additional help. Some industries to consider are logistics and warehouse order fulfillment, health care, and technology. Remote work positions are also increasingly popular.

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This may also be the optimum time to launch into a new business. This is not a leap for the faint of heart, but the autonomy and control of being your own boss can potentially place you in a position to better command your destiny should an emergency situation like this occurs in the future. Check resources like – ANEWSWIRE to read stories on startups and the hard-fought lessons founders learned on their journeys.

If the entrepreneurial road appeals to you, you should check out the various forms of business structures and the benefits and risks of each. Consider what it would mean to your household if a business failure or lawsuit put your personal assets at risk. That is a key reason why many businesses chose the limited liability company structure — it limits your personal liability while offering tax advantages, with less paperwork and more flexibility than some other corporate structures.

A corporate lawyer can help you set it up or you can do it yourself. The former can be hard on your checkbook while the second can eat away at time better spent on other new business functions — not to mention current logistical challenges and fully understanding the laws of your state. Consider using a formation service to save you time, money, and headaches.

Home health habits

Work is just one facet of your new “home” life now. Grocery shopping has new meaning as you weave curbside pickup or delivery services into your daily routine. Instead of lamenting the lack of dining out opportunities, incorporate family meal preparation into your routine. The benefits are two-fold: healthier eating and increased family time.

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Creating a regular schedule to accommodate each family member’s needs can help restore calm and a needed sense of order. Allow each person in the household the opportunity to take personal time away from others. You can do this by setting aside a quiet meditation room or encouraging some daily time outside. The outdoors also offers the perfect backdrop for individual and family exercise.

Converting challenge to achievement

Forced change is a difficult pill to swallow. If you can successfully fight your resistance to the changes, you can more readily see the opportunities — for your health, your family life, and for your career — that will extend well beyond the challenges of a pandemic. Major life changes can mean major life advantages, after all.

John Smith
John Smith
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