Annie Marshall Photography (, owned and managed by professional Maidstone photographer Annie Marshall, specialises in all kinds of infant photography. She concentrates on immortalising precious moments through intimate photography, moving storytelling, and exquisite portraits.

Annie Marshall is quite adept when it comes to infant photography, especially newborn babies and cake smash shoots. She prioritises safety above all else when photographing little ones, and thus she practices safe posing techniques for such photo shoots. The studio also makes it a point to book only one family per morning or afternoon session. This way, babies can have short breaks in case they need to feed, change nappies, or sleep for a while, making the photo shoot truly relaxing for them.

On top of that, the studio also allows other family members to join the photo session if they want, especially the siblings of a newborn baby. Pets can also be included upon request.

As for the props, the studio boasts a wide array of them in different colours, materials, and designs. This way, parents can come up with different poses and themes for their babies, resulting in the most exquisite images. Annie Marshall encourages interested parties to discuss photoshoot ideas with her first prior to the session for better collaboration, especially if additional props are to be brought to the studio.

Photos can be viewed two weeks after the photoshoot. During this time, clients can choose their desired prints as well as discuss and order wall arts. Furthermore, clients will be asked how they want to receive their images, be it high-quality images or large photographs.

In addition, Annie Marshall Photography can also do location shoots. The photographer will constantly monitor the weather when this service is availed to ensure the safety of infants and their family. Location shoots will be rescheduled or moved to the studio accordingly in case of bad weather.

Above all else, Annie Marshall Photography sees to it that every client will have a memorable experience during the photo shoot. Therefore, she always makes sure that everyone feels relaxed and comfortable throughout the session, and nothing is rushed.

Aside from infant photography, Annie Marshall Photography also specialises in maternity, family, and milestone photo shoots. To see all of her available packages, head over to

About Annie Marshall Photography

Annie Marshall Photography is owned and managed by professional photographer Annie Marshall who specialises in maternity, infant, and family photography. Aside from promising to provide high-quality images to her clients at cost-effective prices, she also takes pride in offering a relaxing and comfortable photo shoot experience to everyone. To learn more about her available packages, give her a call at 01795 843 452. For your questions and comments, you can fill out the contact form on her website at or send an email to